Atlantis: City of Destiny

The lost city of Atlantis is a well-known legend, but is there any truth in it? Inspired Gaming invite us to join them on a voyage of discovery, as we try to uncover the truth of this long-lost city. Prepare for lots of fun in Atlantis: City of Destiny and keep watch for the riches that are hidden away.

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Game Features

Atlantis: City of Destiny is a 5-reel, 20 fixed pay line slot offering players an RTP of 95%. The game itself is set out inside the pillars of a temple that could have been standing in Atlantis before it fell to the water. There are lots of themed symbols appearing on the reels, as well as the brightly drawn card symbols found in most slots. High value symbols are the games logo, a temple, a boat, a shield with crossed swords and a goblet. Low value symbols are the A, K, Q and J each have been brightly coloured, and gilt edged in gold. As the reels spin there is a great accompanying soundtrack complete with clashing sounds and beats as the symbols drop and wins are formed.

Bet Amounts – Betting on Atlantis: City of Destiny begins at 20p per spin and can be increased up to £250 per spin. The total bet amount is found in the centre below the reels. It has a plus and minus symbol at the side which you can use to increase or decrease your bet amount until you are happy to continue playing.

Wild Symbol – A blazing gold orb is your wild symbol in Atlantis: City of Destiny and it can land anywhere on the reels. The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game except the bonus.

Scatter Symbols – There is no scatter symbol present in Atlantis: City of Destiny. But instead there is a bonus symbol that triggers the main feature.

Bonus Symbols – Your bonus symbol is represented by a man carrying a sceptre. He triggers your bonus spins feature, but you first need to land three or more of this symbol on the reels. The bonus symbol will only land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Reel Modifier Feature – At the beginning of Atlantis: City of Destiny you will see the lady of Atlantis welcome you to the game, then sashay off to the right of the reels. But, every so often she will wonder back onto the screen and when she does, she brings a little treat. During any spin she may award one of the four following reel modifiers:

  • Gigantic Reel – will add a 3×3 symbol to the reels for the current spin,
  • Super Bonus Reel – will add extra bonus symbols to the reels for the current spin enhancing the chances of triggering the bonus spins,
  • Wild Winner – will add extra wilds to the reels for the current spin. also guarantees a win of x6 your bet amount for that spin too,
  • Win Streak – awards a set of guaranteed small wins for a few consecutive spins. Guaranteed win spins are decided at random.

Atlantis: City of DestinyBonus Spins Feature – Landing three or more of the bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger the bonus feature for you. It begins by taking you to a map of Atlantis and giving you a set of dice to roll. The aim is to roll the dice until you land on one of the three spin features marked along the map.

  • Fortuna Spins – you are taken to a large wheel and invited to spin it to reveal the number of spins you will get in the next stage. You will spin again to decide what multiplier and how many extra wild symbols you take into the bonus spins feature. Once all your extras have been decided you will enter the bonus spins and play through the number you landed on the wheel.
  • Pathway to Riches – you will be taken the temple steps and on each set of steps there are multipliers, collect and arrow symbols. A light will flash across the lowest step and you need to hit the stop button to land the light on one of the symbols. Land on an arrow to take you up to the next level which has higher multipliers on it. If you land on a multiplier you win that added to your bet amount. The light will continue flashing until you land on a multiplier that has the word collect on it. If you manage to climb your way to the top of the temple steps, you will be awarded one of the two bonus spins features. As well as that you will also be awarded the accrued multipliers from the previous steps.
  • Atlantis Wild Spins – will award you with x4 bonus spins with x2 floating wilds present on the reels for the duration. The floating wilds will move across the reels on each new spin helping to create bigger potential wins.

Fortune Bet Feature – If you want to give your reels a little extra boost you can choose to play the fortune bet. This will increase your stake by 50%, but you get double sized bonus symbols on the reels for the price. This means bigger chances of landing the bonus features by choosing fortune bet. However, it can prove costly for example if you are playing at £10 it increases your stake to £15 and if you play at £50 it increases to £75. So, choose this option wisely as although it increases the bonus symbols in size, it does not guarantee that you will land the required number of symbols to trigger the feature.


Atlantis: City of Destiny is a great game for all players, whether you enjoy the theme or not. The bonus features and reel modifiers are fantastic attributes to have in play. Gameplay is fast and fun and brings plenty of main game wins for players. Although they usually land on the smaller end of the pay scale with the occasional run to the bigger end. Features trigger fairly regularly, with the reel modifiers landing more often than the bonus symbol needed for the main feature. This doesn’t impact the playability of Atlantis: City of Destiny at all, as you barely notice the time it takes for the spins to trigger.

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