Why Online Casinos are Better Than Land Based Casinos

Online gambling is pretty much a staple of modern society, which is quite impressive when you consider that they’ve only really been around since the 1990’s. Before that if you wanted the thrill of a slot machine or table game, you had to get your glad rags on and head to a land-based casino. Although the land-based versions were popular they could be quite limiting in terms of having the time to go and actually getting there. That is why the introduction of the online version has had such an impact, especially as technology has evolved over the last 30 years.

Even though the popularity of online gambling has soared, there are still those die-hard fans of land based. So, we thought we’d help you land lovers out and explain why online casinos are better than land-based casinos.

Online vs Land Based Casino’s

To start, we’ll admit that there are some similarities between the two, because you will find a lot of the popular games such as roulette, slots, blackjack, and craps. But the many benefits of the online version have revolutionised how we gamble and introduced a whole new sector of people to the market. What once was seen as a laborious form of entertainment, soon became an enjoyable hobby for many. So why has online gambling become so popular?

online casino vs land based casinos

  • Convenience

It makes sense to start with convenience because this is the main reason that people prefer heading online to bet. You no longer have to set aside a specific time to visit your land-based gambling spot. Instead, thanks to modern technology you can experience the thrills of the spin from any location you choose.

Playing online was already becoming a popular pastime for many, but it was the development of mobile technology which sent it into the stratosphere. The advancement of apps, improvements in security and the quality of the games, made playing on your desktop and mobile devices a feasible option for those who wouldn’t have considered it in the past. For a lot of players, gambling online provides the same feelings and experience as being in an actual casino, especially when you consider games such as the live casino options.

The fact that gambling is now available on most devices, means that we can play whenever and wherever we choose. This removes the limitations of time, because instead of having to specifically set aside a portion of your day to head to a land-based casino, you could be sat on your break in work, the commute home or even in your pyjamas on the couch with a brew. Mobile gambling has made it easy for anyone to play because you have a casino literally in your pocket. This led to an increasing trend of bigger and better online sites appearing, with top high street brands such as Coral and Bet365 having multiple sites covering sports, bingo, casino and even virtual gaming.

Being able to access your favourite betting sites at any time of day and night is the main reason for the explosion within the industry and for that we’re grateful.

  • Huge Range of Games

Because a land-based casino has a limited physical space, you will find that there are only a set number of games available. This isn’t a problem for online sites, with the majority of them offering a huge library of slots, table casino, bingo and live games. You can even find newer gaming options such as the exciting Slingo and Pachinko, which hails all the way from Japan.

Even within each category there are a host of games, the greatest example of this is the world of slots. There are hundreds of options covering every theme imaginable from Egyptian princesses to Irish leprechauns and wealthy pigs. This of course can make it a little daunting when you’re trying to pick one to play, but the sites normally have a list of favourites to choose from to help.

If you only ever want to play one type of game, then maybe this one won’t push you to the online side of the fence. But most of us love to try new options and it’s those players who are going to prefer to be online.

  • Play at Your Own Speed

As well as choice you also have the fact that you can play how you choose and not feel influenced by others around you. For those who aren’t very experienced on the casino tables it can feel stressful learning around other players in an actual venue. Some feel they need a moment to think about their next move but having all eyes on you can make you feel pressured to go without thinking it through.

If you’re online you are ultimately on your own, although you do have chat rooms to enjoy some of the social side of gambling. That means you have less pressure and can take breaks whenever you choose. We actually recommend to our readers that they regularly take time away from their game to stretch and move around. You can easily get caught up and spend hours sat there and not even realise it, which doesn’t lead to rational decision making.

  • Increasing Number of Secure Payment Methods

One of the areas that put people off gambling online was how secure it was, especially when it came to their bank details. As technologies developed on the sites, so too did the payment methods. New options such as e-wallets appeared which offer higher levels of security due to their encryption software. This means that to access your account you need passwords or a face ID and for most major brands a two-factor authentication process. Having such stringent security reduces the chance of being hacked by fraudsters.

Alongside e-wallets you had the usual payment options such as debit card, but it is new banking methods like Boku phone bill which really caught the attention of gamblers. Boku lets you add your gaming credit onto your mobile phone bill and pay it off when your bill comes through. This means that you don’t need to give the casino your bank details, only your mobile number, which in turn makes the banking process more secure.

As you can see the online casinos have made security an important element to their site, because they don’t want a reputation of being hacked and it will be a part of their UK Gambling Commission licence. In comparison land-based casinos will be a little more limited in the payment options they offer.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Depending on the land-based casino, you can enjoy a number of rewards simply for visiting. This can include free drinks, meals and even hotel rooms. Now this is great, but it will depend on how long you’re in the casino and how much you spend whilst you’re there.

The online version also offers a number of bonuses and promotions, but the majority of them are available to whomever wishes to take part. Most will be for additional gaming time such as real money prizes and cashback. But there are a number of sites who offer loyalty schemes, and it is here you can enjoy more physical rewards such as holidays, tickets to shows and sporting events, or spa days.

Bonuses will always come with terms and conditions attached, but they must be available to all customers visiting the site. You tend to find the link for terms and conditions at the bottom of the sites page. It is worth reading them before you register and commit to any bonuses, because players have been tied in by conditions such as wagering requirements and only realised when they won and wanted to withdraw their funds.

  • Online Reviews

We’ll start by admitting that there will be online reviews for land-based casinos, because basically there are forums for all businesses. But you won’t find as many reviews for land based as you do online gambling sites. You can search for review pages such as ours and forums, where people can complain or praise the site they are currently playing. Just remember that some people will always have an element of bias, so what they don’t like, you might. It can be a little overwhelming with the sheer number of opinions given by people for online sites and games, so just have a quick look over and gauge whether you want to sign up or not.

  • Play Demo Slots Online for Free

That we are aware of there aren’t any slots in land-based casinos which offer free gaming. But you will find lots of demo slots and games on the online versions. You do have to be registered on the chosen casino and have provided ‘Know your Customer’ documentation to prove your identity, this is to ensure that no one underage has access to free games.

Once you’re signed up then you can try out the majority of games in demo mode to see what you think before using your own credit. It is a kind of try before you buy and is ideal for those of you who want to see what the pay table, features and bonuses are like. Sadly, you will not win any real money credit from the demo options, but they are still a valuable resource for many online gamblers.

Summary of Why Online Casinos are Better Than Land Based Casinos

You can probably see why we’re such big fans of online gambling in comparison to the land-based alternative. For most of us, the thought of getting ready and heading out to a casino seems too much of a pain. You have the extra costs of getting to the casino and then having to purchase food and drinks when you’re there, which can all add up. Gambling online makes it much easier, and you can enjoy your favourite game whilst you relax on the couch in your pyjamas.

Even though you could see the popularity of online betting growing in the 90’s, it was the evolution of mobile technology which really made an impact. These kinds of advancements have been seen on a regular basis and create an authentic user experience, within the comfort of your own home.

You also need to consider the improvements made in security by online casinos, not only in banking but generally on their software. Most sites will display an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate at the bottom of the page, and it is this which should assure you that they take security seriously. If your casino is UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulated, then it is a requirement of their licence anyway. We strongly recommend that you only play on licenced sites, because you have so many assurances which unregulated sites cannot provide. In the end you work hard for your money, so you want to make sure you are being treated fairly and your personal details are safe as you gamble.

For those of you who miss the social interactions of a land-based casino, then you can always find games with chat rooms and enjoy the fun of getting to know others with similar interests. Ok it’s not exactly the same, but there are so many benefits to gaming online that they will outweigh land based every time.

Players who have never gambled online before and as such have no idea where to start, then the first step is finding a good site which is UKGC regulated. Here are a few of our preferred sites:

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