Mobile Online Casino Games and Their Benefits

With the advancements of smart phones and mobile technology, gambling online has seen a huge increase in the last few decades; especially with mobile online casinos and games. Each year the number of players joining online casinos and playing mobile casino games just seems to be increasing.

This is in no small part due to the ease at which a player can now access mobile casino games, as opposed to having to visit their local land based casino. With more gambling sites opening up, we now have the ability to instantly place a bet or play casino games online.

But what are the benefits of online mobile casino games compared to in-person gambling any why do most players prefer to gamble that way? Also are they any disadvantages?

Best Mobile Online Casino Sites

best mobile online casino sitesBefore we hit you with all the whys and wherefores of mobile casinos and online games, we’ve decided to give you a quick list of the best gambling sites we’d recommend.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you’re just after a quick recommendation or are new to mobile online casino games, these are a great place to start if you want to open a new casino account.

Why Play Online Casino Games on Your Mobile?

There are many benefits to playing casino games online on your mobile. So below you’ll find details of the main reasons why you should ditch the traditional casino and move your custom to one of the many online mobile casino sites available.

Ease of Access

This is probably obvious, we also touched on it earlier, but the main reason people choose to gamble online is the availability. You can literally play mobile casino games online anywhere you have internet access, there are also some No Account Casinos available so you can play anonymously.

As well as being available on desktop, online casinos also have the ability to run on Android and iOS. This is either done via a responsive website or via a downloadable app, the apps are free download from the casino or through the Apple or Android App store.

Apps and websites are compatible with pretty much all mobile devices and computers, so you don’t have to have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to play. Internet speed also isn’t an issue, as online mobile casino games can run perfectly well with slow connection. This is particularly handy with live casino games.

Range of Online Casino Games

You also have a bigger range of games available online compared to a land-based casino. For instance, lightning roulette and certain progressive jackpot slots aren’t available at your local casino. Whereas multiple variations of slots, poker and other table games are accessible with mobile online casinos.

There was also a time when a night at the casino meant getting dressed up and having a few beers or cocktails. But now you can play any game you choose from the comfort of your couch or on your lunch break.

We also don’t advise drinking while gambling as it lowers your self-control and can lead to you spending more than you can afford. But this is just one of many things to avoid when gambling online.

These are just a few reasons, but if you want a more in-depth rundown then take a look at our why play casino games online article

Online Casino Promotions for Mobile Players

The chances are, if you’ve played at a land based casino it will rarely have been at the same one more than few time. If you did happen to frequent the same casino to play games, then as far as loyalty bonuses go, you probably only received some free drinks if the pit boss was feeling generous; unless you’re a high roller of course.

But mobile online casinos can keep a full record of how often you play and what games you like to play. And as they don’t have the same overheads as a physical casino they can offer you generous incentives and bonuses.

Some bonuses can be claimed as soon as you walk through the door, such as no wager casino bonuses or 50 free spins when you add a bank card. But most tend to be percentage based bonuses that are offered when you make your first deposit. You just need to decide which the best casino bonus is for you.

Because an online mobile casino can see what games you play, they can also offer you bonuses for your favourite mobile casino games; such as free spins and cash back as a reward for your loyalty. If you’re a regular at the online casino tables, you can expect to be offered some free chips and even complimentary tickets to tournaments with big prize pools.

Weekly promotions are also popular with online casinos as a way to keep players engaged. There are usually at least one promotion available for each day of the week and usually include free spins, cash back bonuses and deposit boosts.

Mobile Casino Payment Options

Land based casinos only really accept two types of payments, cash or card. But to play online mobile casino games you have a whole world of payment options at your disposal. Obviously you can’t pay in physical cash, but there are lots of online payment options available to you; the most common of which include;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit Card
  • E-Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Phone Bill and Mobile Payments

Initially, online casinos only accepted bank transfers as a way to make a deposit or withdrawal. But the excessive fees and long transaction time were often off putting to players. So with the advances in technology and development of mobile banking, more providers became available, as did the ability to make a fast payout casino request.

You may have noticed we haven’t mentioned credit cards, that’s because most gambling regulators have implemented a credit card ban at online casinos. But the payment options available should be more than adequate for you.

Bank Transfers & Debit Cards

As we mentioned earlier, this was once the only method available to use. But despite the arrival of alternative methods, bank transfers are still popular with mobile online casino players. This is due to its widespread availability and the fact that while other payment options can be faster, they are much quicker than they used to be.

The same can be said for using debit cards. We all have one attached to our bank account and some players prefer provide those details over their actual bank account info; as the CVC number can provide additional security for payments.


E-wallets are possibly the second most popular choice for making online and mobile payments. Most gambling sites accept some form of E-wallet with Neteller, PayPal and Instadebit are among some of the best casino E-Wallets. Some are also country specific or so new that only a handful of sites accept them, such as Ilixium payments.


Crypto transactions are still relatively new in the mobile online casino world, with most sites only accepting bitcoin transactions. There are also only a handful of crypto payment handlers that are accepted by casinos. So this type of payment is still growing, but you can use Neteller to make payments.

Phone Bill & Contactless Payments

This is a payment we happen to specialise in and is very popular with online mobile casinos. There are several online casino pay by mobile providers, including PayForIt. But Boku payment games are the most popular and our personal favourite. You can also make casino payments with a BT landline and have it charged to your next bill.

Mobile contactless payments have also transitioned over the gambling sector, with some casinos now processing Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions.

Online Mobile Casino Security

Whenever we access the internet on a Pc or mobile device, we always run the risk of being exposed to viruses, or have our data and sensitive information leaked in a security breach. But thanks to the money at their disposal, safeguards and security at online mobile casinos are some of the best available.

The Latest SSL protocols are used to access their sites online and 2 factor authentication can be used to log in to your account. But it on mobile where the security really ramps up, with the ability to use fingerprint and face recognition to access your accounts. A good quality antivirus software is also recommended.

How to Access Online Mobile Casino Games

accessing online mobile casino sitesThere are basically two different ways in which you can access casinos online and it generally depends your preference for gambling online or where you are when you want to play online mobile casino games.

Play at Online Gambling Sites

Accessing a gambling website can be done both online and on your mobile. If you are at home and have access to a laptop or PC you can visit their desktop site. In our opinion this tends to provide a better experience, especially for table games, as you are viewing on a bigger screen.

Online casino websites are also developed using responsive technology, so if you are out with friends, commuting to work or even just relaxing on the couch, you can still access your favourite casino.

Download a Mobile Gambling App

Another way to access your mobile online casino is via a mobile application. Not all sites offer a mobile app so your choice may be limited if this is your preference. But those that do will be able to offer you a link to your relevant app store in order to download the application.

This tends to be a better option when playing online mobile casino games, as the screen will be tailored to mobile devices rather than having to responsively adjust. Slot games also tend to be the game of choice for mobile gamblers and offer some of the best casino game odds.

Open a Casino Account

Of course before you can play at mobile or online casinos you will need to open an account, we recommend trying one of the reliable casinos we mentioned earlier. In order to do this, simply hit the sign up button and register your personal details.

At some point you will also need to pass Know Your Customer checks to make sure you are of gambling age. Also before you can make a withdrawal you will be asked to provide source of wealth documents, this is to prevent any possibility of money laundering.

Disadvantages of Online Mobile Casinos

Ok so we’ve waxed lyrical about online and mobile casinos but are there any disadvantages? Depending on the type of person you are, the biggest disadvantage is lack of atmosphere. Some players thrive off being cheered on by other patrons at the craps table or hearing the ring of a winning slot spin.

But as for actual game play, the most obvious downside to mobile online casinos is the fact that not every games is available, especially on smartphones. As some forms of poker and other table games are so niche, that the demand just doesn’t justify developing the game.

Some early slot games are also not compatible for some mobile phones. But as technology progresses then this is slowly becoming less of an issue.

Should You Play at Online Mobile Casinos?

When it comes to accessing the internet, online casinos are no different to any other website. Recent studies show that more of us are choosing online casinos over land-based ones. Of those playing online, the bigger percentage of players are doing so on their mobile and that number increases every year.

This is due to the increase in both accessibility and playability of mobile online casino sites. The range of games and the games themselves can rival most land-based casinos. Plus you have the added benefit of being able to play anywhere and enjoy some generous welcome and loyalty bonuses.

So the only question that remains is, why wouldn’t you want to play at online mobile casinos?

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