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The thrill of winning on an online gaming site is hard to explain, but for those of you who have been there you know what we are talking about. The big decision then is whether to remove your winnings or use them for additional gaming. If you opt to withdraw your winnings then you can find it more difficult than you imagined. How fast you are paid by the casino can vary considerably, with some taking a number of days to process the transaction. Sadly, even our preferred payment method of Boku mobile banking doesn’t offer the option of withdrawals. But fear not because we have the knowledge and expertise to bring you the best methods to use when removing your funds and who to choose if you’re looking for fast payout casino sites.

Choosing a new casino site can be quite an ordeal, as it can bring with it a number of factors to consider. What kind of bonuses are available when you register, does it offer your preferred games, are there exciting regular promotions and what banking methods are there for crediting your account?

Most of the promotions available will have terms and conditions attached, with wagering requirements being the main one. It’s additional clauses such as this which can slow down your ability to remove your winnings. More specifically in relation to wagering requirements, this is because you are required to credit your account up to a certain amount before you can remove any money from your casino wallet.

There’s also one final area to think about and it is the banking method you have chosen. This again may have conditions attached which will slow down the process of removing funds from your account. Most of us want instant access to our money whether it is crediting or withdrawing funds, but not all banking companies will comply. Options such as Boku are great for instant crediting, sadly as we’ve already stated they don’t offer withdrawal. But with so many banking methods available, there must be one which will offer a fast and instant withdrawal of casino credit?

Find Quick Withdrawal Online Casino Sites UK

Fast Payout Casino Sites If you are looking for a high-quality gaming site which pays its players without delay, then we have a number of options for you. Because these are more established brands, then you should have your winnings processed instantly or at least within the same day. All of these faster payout UK casino sites offer incredible gaming whether you’re a casino or slots fan.


For those of you who prefer to look for your own sites, then here are some tips on how to choose a fast-paying casino with a same day payout.

  • Check to see how fast the payout time is on the casino you currently play with.
  • An important area to consider is the banking method you choose, so a little research is needed. We’ll explore this further in the article, but options such as e-wallets which include Paypal tend to be faster. As we have stated above, the use of Boku or Payforit which are phone bill casino options, can only be used for crediting your account. If you continue to use them, then you will need another banking method whenever you withdraw.
  • Although getting your money is important, it is only one area of the entire online casino experience. So, make sure you pick the site based on all it has to offer and the benefits of being their customer. What is the welcome bonus and regular promotions and are there terms and conditions attached? Does the range of games have options that you would normally pick and are they from the best providers?


Bonuses of Choosing Casino with Quick Payout Times

For most of us, the minute we decide we’re removing winnings from our gaming account we already know what we want to do with it. This means that we want our money right away, so it’s always wise that when you’re choosing a gaming site, you opt for one with rapid payout times, so you get your money sooner than later. Obviously, the key question is ‘what is a rapid payout?’ well we would say that it is within 24 hours from the time you requested the payment to be processed, to it landing in your bank account.

There will be occasions when this isn’t possible and that tends to be weekends and bank holidays, but it is a good gauge over the average working week. Most of the larger brands will provide customer support at the weekend, so this may influence your decision when you’re choosing a site to register with.

By opting for any of our above choices, you will have chosen a fast-processing payment casino which will reduce the time you wait for your winnings significantly. As most will offer in-house customer support you can enjoy the speedy service as promised, which is perfect for new casino customers who are looking for an instant casino bonus withdrawal.

Why Some UK Casino Sites have Delayed Payment Processes for New Players

Most new players on a casino site will find that there is a delay when they request a withdrawal of winnings. This is because of the ‘Know Your Customer’ (known as KYC) legislation which was brought in by the UK Gambling Commission and is a requirement of the sites licence. KYC basically requires the player to validate who they are by providing personal identification such as a passport or driving licence. They also need to confirm their proof of address and payment method which is done using documents such as a utility bill and bank statement.

As you can imagine the collation of these documents and verification can take time. But most of the larger gambling brands have specific in-house departments who can complete the process pretty quickly.

The other reasons for delayed withdrawal times include.

  • Which banking option you have chosen,
  • Office hours of the casino, i.e. are they available 24/7 or are there set times,
  • If the casino applied a pending period to its withdrawal process. Some sites have a minimum 2 day waiting time before the withdrawal process begins and it’s mainly used as a tactic to stop the player from removing their money instead of using it for additional gaming.

The Process of Cashing Out in a Fast Payout Casino Sites

The actual process of removing money from your casino account will generally be the same for all gambling sites, but please be aware that there may be the odd difference. Here is a quick summary of the normal withdrawal process.

  • Submit a request for withdrawal – Go to the cashier section of your casino wallet and select the payment method you wish to use. It should be the same option that you used to deposit the account, with the exception of players who credited with Boku pay by phone bill.
  • Choose how much you want to withdraw – There will be maximum and minimum withdrawal limits imposed on your account which you will find in the terms and conditions section.
  • Select ‘Withdraw’ – This should complete the transaction and you will be notified (normally via email) of when the withdrawal will be processed. If required, this is when the ‘Know Your Customer’ verification documents will be requested and as such there may be a delay in the transaction. You will not need to fulfil the verification process every time you remove money from your account, although it has been known for casino sites to randomly pick players for update checks to make sure they are complying with the UK Gambling Commission.


What is a Minimal Withdrawal Limit?

If you are unsure of the minimum withdrawal limits, then the first place to check is the terms and conditions section. This will provide everything that you need to know. Generally, the minimum amount is between £10 and £30, so sadly if you wanted to remove anything less than that you couldn’t. The minimum cap is so that players don’t remove small amounts such as one or two pounds. The process of withdrawing funds can take up a lot of time for a gambling site, so it needs to be an amount which is worth it.

What is a Maximum Withdrawal Limit?

The casino will also set a maximum withdrawal amount, so that they can ensure they have the funds available for players when they request it. It’s also essential so that they can protect themselves should a player win big. Instead of one big payment, the site will give the lucky player smaller instalments which could be weekly or monthly. This again will be outlined in the terms and conditions, so make sure you’re happy before you register. The amount you request will not affect the time needed to transfer the money, i.e. the larger the amount the longer it takes. What will delay your payment is the legal processes the site has to conduct and the banking method you have chosen.

Is there a Withdrawal Fee?

You’ll tend to find that withdrawals are free and as such there’s no sneaky administration charges. But again, just check with the site before you process the transaction, as it may be more worthwhile to claim in larger amounts. In the past we have found percentage-based fees added at the end, but this tended to be smaller unknown brands.

Can the Withdrawal Payment Option be Different from the Deposit Method?

We’ve touched upon it above, but the quick answer is no. There is a raft of banking methods available to you as an online gambler, but once you have chosen the option to deposit then that will be the same for your withdrawals. Again, the exception is payments by mobile phone bill such as Boku and Payforit, or pre-paid cards, and that is because they don’t offer withdrawals.

Quick Withdrawal and Fast Banking Options

The overall ideal option would be a quick paying casino and banking option, but as we’ve already mentioned there are legal verification checks which can hinder the speed you get your money. Now that we have given you our choices for fast paying casinos, we’ll move onto the best banking methods to use.

The below table is a summary of the instant withdrawal casino banking options and the companies who operate them. Once the gaming site has sent the money from your casino account, then they will have no affect on how quickly you receive it. That will be down to the banking method you have chosen, which is why it is an important aspect to consider when you register with a site.

Payment Method           Withdrawal Times

E-Wallets                          6-24 hours

Debit & Credit Cards       1-2 days

Crypto                              6-24 hours

Bank Transfer                   3-7 days



The increasing popularity of e-wallets has led to a number of brands appearing on the market. Most of us will now use this type of banking method when we transfer money or shop online. The reason for their popularity is purely down to the fact that they are the quickest payment method.

The phrase ‘e-wallet’ describes the form of transfer method and as such you may not have heard of it before. But popular e-wallet brands such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are renowned in the gambling industry, and even lesser-known brands such as Instadebit and MuchBetter have risen in popularity. All you have to do is head to your favourite gaming site and you’ll see at the bottom there will be a list of banking methods, with e-wallet brands being the majority.

As with online shopping, PayPal is the number one option for online gamblers when it comes to depositing and withdrawals. This isn’t a surprise because they are the largest online payment handler in the world. But the reality is that PayPal takes just as much time as most other e-wallets when it comes to processing payments. You will receive your money that working day or at the latest the next morning, no matter the option you choose. The only brand that doesn’t align with this is Instadebit whose average processing time is between 3 and 5 working days. This is quite a long wait in comparison to what customers normally expect from an e-wallet.

As well as being the quickest banking method, e-wallets also provide a high level of security. This is because they have a standard data encryption, which provides a layer of protection between your bank account and your chosen casino site. It also helps that setting up an account is pretty simple, with your e-wallet being linked to a bank account or debit card.

With the positives, you will always find negatives and sadly that is the case with a few e-wallet brands. If you choose Skrill or Neteller then you may find that on some casino and slot sites you won’t qualify for their welcome bonuses and regular promotions. This will only be an issue for those of you that take part in offers such as these. But we find that most gamblers tend to stay away due to the wagering requirements and other conditions that are attached.

You also should be aware that some of the providers may have fees whenever you transfer from the e-wallet to your bank account. Currently PayPal doesn’t which is why it is more popular than other brands. On the e-wallets that do charge, it will tend to be a percentage-based fee depending on the amount you transfer. As well as it being important to ensure you have chosen the right banking method, you should also look at the terms and conditions and establish if it is suitable for you.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are a standard in modern life and that is due to their convenience of transferring money straight from your bank account. This option is ideal for those who prefer to limit the number of places with access to their bank details, plus there are no transfer fees.

Unlike e-wallets, using debit cards can lead to a delay in your funds being transferred to your bank account. The length of time varies depending on the bank used, but it could be anything from 24 hours to 7 days. When you requested the payment will also be relevant as some banking brands will only process funds during business working hours.

Debit cards also tend to come with their own withdrawal limits, with the average being a minimum of £10.

Bank Transfer

The least popular option for online casino gamblers, even though they are incredibly similar to debit cards and most people already have access to them. Most, if not all gaming sites offer the option for bank transfer, so why do people not like it?

It all comes down to the waiting time for the transfer to process, which can be anything from three to five working days. For those of you eager to get hold of your money, then this can be quite a long wait.

So why bother at all with bank transfers? Well, there is a big plus to this method and that is financial security. Because the transfer is direct, you limit the chance of any interference from hackers. This option is ideal if you aren’t too bothered about waiting.


Instant Withdrawal casinos using bitcoinAlthough cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin offer a raft of benefits, they tend to be rarely used by the everyday player. The main reason is knowledge, because although a lot of people have heard about bitcoin, they don’t really know what it is or how to use it in their everyday gaming life.

You will find some cryptocurrencies on e-wallet brands such as Neteller, but they will have a percentage-based administration fee added. If crypto is your preferred method, then using e-wallets is a good option, because it increases the security of your transaction. Also, because not many of the well-known casinos accept cryptocurrency, so using an e-wallet is a kind of side door into the brands you may prefer to play with such as bet365 and Betfair.

The main benefit to using cryptocurrency is the reason it became popular in the first place and that is anonymity. Because the digital currency transaction is completed in the digital realm, then your details remain private. Then add in the fact that the process of transferring the money is immediate, so no delay or fee.

With everything being so streamlined and easy, you’d think more people would pick Bitcoin as an option. But the problems occur when you want to change from cryptocurrency to cash. At that point you have to register with a digital wallet provider such as Coinbase. Converting from cryptocurrency to cash will not only lead to a fee, but you also have to provide personal and bank details which removes the anonymity. Also, the actual transfer of funds can take a few days to complete.

Easy Mobile Casino Withdrawal Options

The majority of online gamers prefer playing on their mobile devices and that’s understandable because you can access your favourite slots or casino games whenever you like. Mobiles have made the withdrawal process even easier with their mobile apps on brands such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. There is an authentication process to stop any fraudulent activity and the apps are available on Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry mobiles.

Summary of Fast Payout Casinos

How quickly you can withdraw your winnings isn’t always the first thing you think about when you’re registering with a site. Sadly, people can find out about slow paying casinos at the worst time. For others the information is quite vast and can be confusing, especially when you’re trying to work through the terms and conditions of both the gambling site and banking method. But all in all, the decision of what suits you best is all down to you, we just hope this article has helped make that decision a little easier.

Again, if you’re open to trying a new site, then check out one of our options above. They are all high-quality casinos and offer great welcome bonuses to new players. Each is known for good customer service, which is another element you should be considering when choosing where you spend your money.

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