Casino Game Odds

Whether you are a new or experienced gambler, the world of casino game odds can be somewhat confusing. We’re all looking for casino games with the best odds, but what games are they and where can you find them?

Regardless if you choose to gamble at an online casino or land based casinos, it’s always worth knowing what good odds in casino games are. This guide should help you get to grips casino game odds. So you will be able to automatically pick out the best odds, no matter which gambling site you choose.

As knowing the odds of games at casinos is quite possibly the most effective way to start building a winning strategy, or just simply improve your current form. We can also provide you with a few online casinos that we feel offer slot games and table games with the best odds.

Understanding Game Odds

Most gamblers have heard about odds, especially if you dabble in some sports betting. But not many people truly understand odds and how they apply to casino games.

Odds actually refer to the probability of an event or outcome taking place and are displayed as a traction or decimal number. Gamblers then try to play those odds by predicting an outcome. If a correct prediction is made then there’s money to be won, but if the prediction is wrong then money will be lost.

With casino games there are usually multiple outcomes, so this means the probability of a winning wager is lower but the odds are higher; meaning you stand to make more money.

understanding casino game oddsFor instance, the flip of a coin would yield a 50/50 outcome, so the odds would be even at 2.0 or 1/1. In this case a winning £10 bet on heads would return £20, which includes your initial stake.

Whereas a roll of the dice has the possibility of six outcomes and a probability of 16%. In terms of odds, you would get 5.25/1 or 6.25, meaning £10 bet would return £62.50.

But in order to truly understand which casino games have the best odds, there are other factors you need to know about and take in to consideration. House edge, RTP and random number generators all have a part to play when calculating game odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are more widely used in sports betting but can also be applied to casino games. In essence they represent the amount you will receive when multiplied by your stake. If you gamble £10 at odds of 4.5, you’ll walk away with £45

Simply put, you can calculate your winnings by multiplying your stake by the decimal casino game odds. To get your profit amount, you just need to subtract your stake from your winnings, so in the example above there was a £35 profit

Fractional Odds

Fractional casino game odds are probably more recognisable than decimal, despite having the same outcome, they do work slightly differently.

As you would imagine the game odds appear as a fraction, but when calculated they give you the return you can expect from your gambling. So a stake of £10 at odds of 3/1 would return £30, but it’s worth noting that this amount is the profit portion of your wager; you can then add your stake to get your total return.

Calculating your return from fractional game odds are a little more complex than decimal, especially when you see odds like 7/2 or 9/4, but it’s still easy to do.

So for odds of 9/4, simply divide the first number of the fraction by the second number (9 / 4 = 2.25). You then need to multiply that amount by your stake and you will have your profit (£10 x 2.25 = £22.50). Add in your original stake and you will have your total return (£22.50 + £10 = £32.50).

What’s the Difference Between Decimal and Fractional?

Although we’ve explained how each type of casino game odds work to help you calculate your winnings, you’re probably wondering if there are any beneficial differences between the two.

Sadly, regardless of which type of odds are displayed, any winnings will be exactly the same. The only differences are how the odds are displayed and how they are calculated.

Most gambling establishments are moving over to decimal odds, for two reasons. Firstly, customers find it easier to work out their total return. Secondly, using decimal means that it’s easier for gambling sites to make minor alterations to reflect the market without making the odds look off putting or overcomplicated.

The only difference you will find in the actual odds themselves, is between online and physical casino gambling. Online casinos tend to have fewer overheads so can generally offer the best casino games odds to keep players happy and returning.

House Edge

House edge is term most gamblers have heard, but they don’t necessarily understand its impact on what casino game has the best odds. Unlike with sportsbooks, casino games have a profit margin factored in to their odds. Which is where the term “the house always wins” comes from.

Every single games on the casino floor has a house edge, including completely random games like roulette and slots. So despite players winning on a regular basis, the casinos still make a profit in the long run.

If you want to learn more about this and how it affects casino game odds, take a look at our guide complete guide to house edge.

Casino Game RTP

RTP simply stands for return to player and if you are new to playing at casinos, particularly slot games, it may be a new term to you. But this simple acronym can make a big difference when it comes to finding good odds in casino games.

Return to player basically means the percentage amount of money that is paid back to players as winnings over a set period of games, spins or time. In theory for every £100 wagered, the casino pays out £95 for a game with 95% RTP.

But that’s just a simplistic explanation, it doesn’t actually mean every time you gamble £100 you’ll get £95 back. RTP calculations are extremely complex and cover a much broader time frame than just your activity.

Every single casino game has a return to player value, regardless as to whether you are playing at an online casino or land based casinos. When playing online you can usually find the return to player value in the pay-table.

A lot of experienced players who like to try and play the system use a pay-table to find the highest RTP slots online. But it by no means guarantees a big win or zero net spend, it provides good odds in casino terms of that happening. This is one of the reasons why online casinos are better than land based.

Random Number Generators

RNG’s are a big part of playing games at a casino, but they mostly affect online casinos, unless you are playing slots. If you were to walk in to a Las Vegas casino you would see a croupier dealing cards, spinning a roulette ball or players rolling the dice at craps.

Whereas with online casinos there are no physical croupiers or players, with the exception of live casino games, so the casino has to rely on random number generators within the sites software.

Random number generators in slots and online casino games are used to implement fairness for the player. A software is used to completely randomise the roll of a dice, spin of a slot or the cards dealt.

By utilising RNG’s, you can be sure the casinos aren’t rigging the game and it also protects the casino from players trying count cards or use a system of their own to cheat the house.

To find out more and see the affect they have on your games, our guide to casino random number generators can help shed more light on the subject.

Other Contributing Factors

The above are key factors impacting casino game odds, but it may also be worthwhile improving your knowledge of;

Getting to know how these work can help you make better choices when selecting your games and even how you play them.

Casinos with the Best Game Odds

This may sound strange but not all casinos have the exact same games, so choosing the right site to play at can help improve your chances of finding the games to play. So with that in mind, here are a few suggestions of trustworthy casinos for you to try.

Some of these names you’ll recognise, as they are the biggest casino brands available. But the others are online giants in their own right, having started the online and mobile casino revolution. You can be sure to find some of the casino games with the best odds we feature at any of these gambling sites.


Casino Games with Best Odds

casino games with the best odds

With lots of casino games to choose from, finding the best odds in casino games can be daunting, so here we will break down some of the more popular options and offer good odds in casino gambling.

Baccarat Odds

Baccarat is actually one of the most popular games with casino goers, so it should come as no surprise that it offers one of the best odds in casino games.

Most players tend to go for Punto banco as it is simple to play and the odds are easy to understand, this partly due to the fact there are only three bets per hand.

You have banker bets, player bets and tie bets, but it’s worth noting that even with a 5% commission it’s always recommended to bet on the banker.

With only three bets available, baccarat odds are simple. The player and banker bets are evens, whereas ties are paid out at 8/1

Craps Odds

Another popular game with casino punters, but unlike Baccarat, this one is much more complicated. In fact it’s completely opposite in both game odds and game play.

There are so many variations of bets available, it’s very easy for new players to become overwhelmed by Craps. But it’s worth sticking with, as most seasoned Vegas gamblers believe Craps has the best casino game odds.

The typical odds you can expect from playing craps are as follows;

  • Pass Line or Come pays 1/1
  • Don’t Pass or Don’t Come pays 1/1
  • Odds 4 or 10 pays 2/1
  • Odds 5 or 9 pays 3/2
  • Odds 6 or 8 pays 6/5
  • Odds against 4 or 10 pays 1/2
  • Odds against 5 or 9 pays 2/3
  • Odds against 6 or 8 pays 5/6
  • Place bet on 6 or 8 pays 7/6

The low odds across the board are one of the many reasons this games is so popular, if you apply the right strategy you can actually come away with a decent profit. So craps actually represents good odds in casino terms.

Blackjack Odds

Much like with Poker, Blackjack has many different variations in a casino. Despite the basic premise remaining the same, the variations can have a significant impact on game odds. Taking blackjack from a casino game with the best odds to one of the casino games with the worst odds.

Blackjack variations you will find at most casinos are;

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Vegas Single Deck
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Big Five Blackjack
  • Double Exposure
  • Super Fun 21

The list above isn’t just a random order, we’ve actually listed the blackjack variations in order of lowest house edge. This means they start with the best odds in casino blackjack (Classic) and finish with the worst odds in casino blackjack (Super Fun 21)

For example, with classic blackjack you can typically expect to see game odds of evens for a win, 3/2 for blackjack and 2/1 for insurance bets. Whereas some variations can return low game odds of 6/5 for blackjack.

So if you’re looking for the best casino game odds for blackjack then classic is the way to go. But if you do fancy trying a variant, it’s worth reading over the rules beforehand so you’ll know the number of times you can split, whether you can surrender, and when the dealer is required to hit or stand.

Roulette Game Odds

Another classic and popular casino game that is steeped in history is Roulette. As it originated in Europe, it stands to reason that European Roulette has the best odds and lower house edge. In fact just by opting for the American version, the house edge almost doubles to 5.26%. So if you’re looking for a casino game with the best odds and you spot American Roulette, then it’s actually a safe bet to walk away.

But if you can play the European version then the odds will be;

  • Straight up bet on any single number 35/1
  • Split bets on two adjoining numbers 17/1
  • Street bets on three horizontal numbers 11/1
  • Corner bets on four numbers 8/1
  • Six line bets that cover two rows 5/1
  • Column or dozen bets 2/1
  • Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, or 19-36 1/1

The reason the game odds of American are so poor are down to the addition of a 00 slot on the reel. Whereas playing French roulette, although rare to find, can actually improve your game odds with their utilization of the standard 0 layout. In French roulette, if the ball lands on the zero space it actually acts as an insurance policy.

Some online casinos also offer the revolutionary Lightning Roulette game, which can dramatically improve your odds.

Slot Game Odds

At Boku Slots, it’s fair to say these games are where our expertise lie. However, slot game odds are actually hard to predict or detail, as they can vary from game to game. The RTP can fluctuate from 95% to 98% depending on the slot game you choose, even specific game designers can make a big difference to your odds.

If you want the best odds for slots you want to avoid progressive jackpot slots, as they require the game play of other customers to dictate the payout; regardless if you are playing online or in a casino.

If you want to find slots with good odds in casino games, then your first stop should be the slots pay table, as this can tell you the multiplier per bet and how much you can win; as well as what the wilds and scatter symbols are. But it’s safe to say the more lines and symbols in play, then the lower your odds will be of landing a winning spin.

What at are Good Odds in Casino Games?

what are good odds in casino games

You’ve probably noticed from the breakdown of individual games, good odds in casino games depends on your preference; as there is no point playing a game you don’t understand just to get good odds.

Although it’s fair to say that as much fun as slots can be, the fluctuation per spin rules them out as the best game to play. But your money can generally last longer playing these games.

As for table games then a good odds outcome of most games tend to be between evens and 2/1. So don’t in to any game expecting a big win from one spin, throw or hand. The big winners in a casino tend to play the long game.

Can you Affect Casino Game Odds

This may sound like a bit of a silly question, but outside of choosing which game to play, you have zero control over the odds. There is a common belief with some gamblers that their actions have an impact on the odds of a win.

Some believe that if they are on a losing streak then it stands to reason that their luck will change and they will start winning. Or that if they bet more they can change their luck and win back most of their money. This is known as gamblers fallacy and it just simply isn’t true.

Other common myths of gambling include the belief that the casino can change game odds when people are winning too much. Again this is a falls hood, especially with online gambling. As all the games are controlled by a complex algorithm that they don’t have access to, so manipulation isn’t really a possibility.

Summary of Casino Games with the Best Odds

There are obviously more games than we have mentioned here, but we chose to focus on popular games that offer good odds in casino rooms and online gambling sites worldwide. When it comes to it, getting the best odds can depend on your knowledge and experience of games in general.

Of all the games we’ve highlighted, blackjack has the most favourable for the player. But if you don’t understand the general rules as to when to stick, when to split or how the dealers hand can impact you, then you could very easily be wasting the opportunity.

The same goes for most games, the varying styles or options available of each game can significantly impact the odds. So our overall advice would be to do your research and get to know how each game works in order to truly harness the best odds in casino games.

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