What is Casino Game Weighting?

We play online casino games not only for the enjoyment of winning, but also because of entertaining slots and table casino games. There are hurdles which can get in the way of our amusement and these tend to be grouped under the raft of terms and conditions that sites need to ensure compliance. In the days before the UK Gambling Commission there were lots of hidden clauses which could be frustrating to many players. But now we’re in an era of transparency and as such you will see that terms and conditions are much easier to find on both the site and any promotional banners. Wagering requirements is an essential aspect of any bonuses or promotions that you take part in and you may be aware of what this term means. But did you know that in connection to this are game weighting requirements? No? That’s not surprising because most experienced players aren’t even aware of this term. So, we’re here to bring you our guide to ‘what is casino game weighting’, how it connects to wagering requirements and what it means in the long term to players.

Guide to Casino Game Weighting Details on Game Weighting?

The most important thing to realise is that game weighting is only relevant to those of you who opt for a casino sites bonuses or promotions. This is the point you will see that wagering requirements are attached and that they will affect when you can withdraw any winnings you receive from your bonus. Although there are some casinos without wagering requirements, but they are few and far between.

By accepting the bonus, you will also accept a wagering multiplier which could be anywhere between 30x and 75x the bonus amount. So, if you received £10 bonus credit and the requirement was 45x, then it would be 45 x 10 which would be £450. This means you need to wager or play through £450 before you can withdraw winnings from your casino wallet.

But what has all this got to do with game weighting? Each game no matter if it’s bingo, slots or casino will have a percentage weighting attached to it. This will not only be for the specific category, but can be drilled down to each specific game such as blackjack, poker, roulette and even your favourite slot. The percentage weighting of the games you choose will affect how quickly or slowly your wagering requirement reduces.

Slots Game Weighting

If you’re a slots fan, then you’ll discover that most of the time they have a 100% game weighting. This means that the full amount wagered, will be removed from the wagering requirement total. If working through the wagering total is important to you, then make sure you double check the slot game you’re playing. Should you discover it’s not 100% then it may be better to move onto one that is.

Table Casino Weighting

Game weighting on table casino games is a little more complex because it can vary on each site and the average for blackjack is around 10% and on roulette 25%. To give you an example with slot games, as we have already explained they have a 100% weighting so a £1 bet will have the full £1 removed from your wagering requirement wallet. But the same £1 played on blackjack (10%) will only see 10p being removed from the wallet, or 25p for roulette (25%).

The games you choose to play should obviously be based on which you enjoy more. But if you are tied into wagering requirements then it may be more practical to focus on higher percentage games such as slots over the others. Once you have worked through the amount required then you can play anything you want. Playing roulette for example would mean you will be waiting a long time before you can withdraw any money.

Why do Casino Sites Use Game Weighting?

You may be wondering why certain games have a lower weighting than others, and why not just have everything as 100%. The reason revolves around the fact that both blackjack and roulette games have a lower house edge, meaning the opportunity for the player to win is higher. The opposite to this is slot games which have a higher house return and that is also for games with a high RTP (Return to Player). When you combine the game weighting with the house edge, then it averages out and makes it fair for both the player and the casino.

Again, it would seem more sensible to play slot games during the period of time you are working through the wagering requirements. But if you’re not a fan of slot games then keep playing what you enjoy, because essentially, we game online for fun. Another bit of advice from us is to opt for lower risk games or low volatility slots. This means you will work through your credit at a slower rate, and you should enjoy small regular wins.

Although finding terms and conditions such as wagering multiplier information or bonuses is simple. You will struggle to see what the site offers as their standard game weighting. More established brands such as Netbet and Coral will provide a page of their percentage weightings, but these are few and far between. So, before you become involved with any bonuses, make sure you ask the site for the information.

Summary of Game Weighting Casino

We’re hoping you have a better grasp of what game weighting is and how it applies to your bonuses and wagering requirements. The element of weighting can be found on most gaming sites, so it will be relevant for those of you who like to enjoy any bonuses or promotions. On average the percentages will be the same across various sites, but it is definitely worth messaging the gaming site and asking for confirmation.

There is always the option of not using the bonuses and promotions available on the site, as such you won’t be affected by wagering and terms and conditions. But many players enjoy the extra credit or the promotional games available and see the terms as something they have to accept.

The key to all of this is to play wisely until you have worked through the wagering requirements. Then you can choose whatever games you like unless you take part in another promotion. We hope you have fun gaming and wish you luck!

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