Lightning Roulette

Most of us are aware of what roulette is, it has pretty much been the same for years. The ball is dropped into the roulette wheel which has a number of holes on it. As the wheel spins, bets are taken by the house on which hole the ball will land in when the wheel stops. Should the player have chosen the correct hole, then they will win and increase their credit total.

Lightning Roulette which was launched in 2018 was the first evolution of the game of roulette. Over the years we had seen most of the table casino games vary from their original state, apart from roulette. This new version is not only a thing of beauty, but it also offers casino gamblers an original twist with the opportunity to win big.

What is Lightning Roulette and How Does it Work?

lightning rouletteLightning Roulette was created by the software designers Evolution Gaming. After you log in you will be presented with a real-life dealer and a large roulette wheel. The fact that it is a live dealer game and as such is in real time, is why the game has that additional excitement. The dealer not only keeps the momentum of the game, but they create a fun atmosphere by generating conversations with players through the ‘live chat window’.  At no point will the dealer spin the wheel, it will start automatically when the game begins which shows consistency by the developers.

Another interesting aspect to Lightning Roulette is that it allows multiple players at any time, which is very different to other roulette games. This ability to interact with others in the game and the use of astonishing graphics, gives the gambler a truly immersive experience.

When the wheel begins to spin then the ball is released, and it is at this point the player will place their bet. When it comes to placing bets, Lightning Roulette is similar to the standard roulette game, in that they use a European Roulette wheel with 37 numbered pockets (1 to 36 and a green number 0).

You can place bets on individual numbers, groups of numbers (odds or evens) or colours. The first step is to select the chip value which can be between 20p and £500. You will then choose how you want to bet on the table, and there is a racetrack option which is found at the side of the screen for choosing groups of numbers.

The dealer will flip a lightning switch once betting is closed, and it is this which will pick out the ‘Lightning Numbers’ for the game. Once the wheel has stopped, the camera will move to the area where the ball has landed to confirm which number has won. For those of you who are happy to just sit back and let the game pick your numbers for you, then there is an autoplay option available.

The use of lightning numbers and the enhanced RNG gameplay, is what really makes this casino game standout. There will be between 1 and 5 lightning numbers randomly struck and they will produce bonus jackpot prizes with an RTP of 97.10%. Each number will have a multiplier attached to it which will range from 50x and 500x the wagered amount.

If the number you have wagered on is chosen as one of the 5 lightning numbers, then you will receive the multiplier which was attached and give you the best game odds. Obviously should your number not be a lightning bonus number, then you will receive the normal roulette odds. We have detailed the standard odds below to provide you with full details.

Lightning Roulette Odds

             Type of Bet         Bet

  • 1-18 / 19-36          1/1
  • Even / Odd            1/1
  • Red / Black           1/1
  • Thirds                    2/1
  • Column                 2/1
  • Line Bet                5/1
  • Corner Bet           8/1
  • Street Bet            11/1
  • Split Bet              17/1
  • Straight Up Bet  35/1

Lightning Roulette OddsLightning Roulette Players Tips

  • If you know what you like and you tend to have a routine as you play, then you’ll love Lightning Roulette. The game has an option where you can save your favourite bets and preferred numbers, so that you can use them again in the future. It also allows for both single numbers and a combination of betting choices.
  • You will find that you can weigh up variances and patterns in the game, because Lightning Roulette has a full history of recent winning numbers. It can be found under the ‘Winning Numbers’ tab and it is another example of how transparent and fair the games designers are.
  • Because it is a live dealer game, Lightning Roulette does not offer a demo play mode. The only way you can play this great game is by betting, and that starts at 20p. Wagering low at the beginning may be the ideal way to test out this game, before parting with larger amounts. For any of you who maybe registering with a new casino and are utilising the welcome bonuses, then you could use the free bonus credit to test out Lightning Roulette. Of course, there will always be terms and conditions such wagering requirements and game weighting. Another idea would be to watch demo videos to give you an idea of what happens during the game and how it works.
  • If you’re considering wagering on all the numbers of the roulette wheel so that you can ensure a win, then we’d recommend that you think again. It doesn’t always mean you will end up in profit and the reality is you may only win if one or more of the numbers is a lightning round multiplier. If you are lucky enough to receive a great multiplier, then it would need to be enough to push you into profit. The lightning numbers have varying multipliers and the times a number can be struck is between 1 and 5; meaning you could end up with the lowest multiplier and only get 1 number.

Lightning Roulette Casino Sites

We’re sure you are eager to give Lightning Casino a play, but you have to pick a great casino first. To make that easier here are a few options which are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and they offer welcome bonuses, a variety of banking methods and a huge selection of games.

Summary of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette has really given players something to be excited about, especially when you consider that 500x multiplier. You should be aware though that those kinds of multipliers won’t drop in every game. Sometimes it maybe a low multiplier with only one lightning number, so make sure you bet safely and responsibly.

The game itself it quite stunning, because the designers have used HD video graphics and exciting sound effects. Then add in the beautiful art dec studio and striking dealers, and you have a pretty entertaining experience. All casinos will offer Lightning Roulette on both mobile and desktops, and you will find that it loads quickly.

The chat element of the game really enhanced the overall experience, especially when you added in the live dealers who made it all entertaining. We have to admit we enjoy a bit of banter as we play, so this was ideal for us.

Overall, we pretty much fell for Lightning Roulette and can understand why it’s as successful as it is. Those multipliers are enticing, but again as we’ve already said above, gambling should be about fun, and we should all gamble within our budget.

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