What Are Scatter Symbols in Slots

For the regular slot gamer, you probably already know what a scatter symbol is. But if you’re new to the world of online gambling then we’re here to assist.

The addition of a scatter within a game will always attract slot players, because it is seen as the bonus key to a variety of extras. Within most games you win when you land a pay line of symbols. But depending on the game, a scatter symbol may only have to appear once and it will give the player free spins, entry into a mini game or a raft of other bonuses.

So, what are scatter symbols in slots and why are they such a fundamental element to most of the newer games that have been released.

How Scatter Symbols Affect Slot Games

scatter symbols online slotsAs we have mentioned above, most slot games work on pay lines or ways, which tend to begin from the left. So, if you line up three or more symbols on the reels, then you will win an amount which is stated in the pay table.

Within modern games the scatter symbol was introduced to break this pattern and add more excitement. In early fruit machines it was the red cherry which was the original scatter symbol, and they weren’t bound by the same restrictions as the other symbols. Typically, they are the highest paying symbol in the game and if you hit the right number of scatters, then there may be an additional reward. Nowadays most slots design the scatter as an overall representation of the game, so for example on Piggy Riches from NetEnt you will find the Lady Pig with her many gifts and in Cleopatra it is the Sphinx.

Usually, to unlock a feature you must land a set number of scatter symbols, for example 3, 4 or 5, which will be shown in the pay table. In some cases, you will find that a specific arrangement of scatter symbols can lead to triggering the bonus round too.

Once the scatter is triggered it will launch the bonus feature which tends to be an interactive game. The feature will vary depending on the game, but there are some slots which don’t have the additional bonus round and as such you will simply be paid for a winning combination.

Other slots don’t offer scatter symbols at all, but they tend to be the older 3-reel options. The best way to determine if there is one, is to head to the paytable which provides all the information you need about the game. We always recommend checking the paytable when you try a new game, because it makes it easier to understand how the slot works, for example what are the winning combinations and payouts. The crux of it is, scatter symbols can vary from game to game, so don’t expect the same process across board.

If you’re choosing a slot specifically for a scatter bonus, then it is worth considering the return to player (RTP) and the volatility of the game. Because the payout on this type of slot can be pretty significant, they will have a lower RTP and a higher volatility or variance. This means that you may not win very often, but the prizes will be substantial.

Scatter Symbols on Video Slot Games

Most of us can remember the old skool slot games which were basic reels and symbols. The introduction of video slots brought the games to life, with animation and 3D graphics. Many initiated the concept of storylines which are displayed through video clips and help pull the bonus features in with the main slot.

Summary of What Are Scatter Symbols in Slots

Slot players expect so much more than they used to, especially with the introduction of online gambling. The old-style reels simply don’t cut it anymore and that is why extra elements such as wilds and scatters were added. They enhance the excitement and provide the player with alternate opportunities to win extras such as bonus credit and free spins.

We always recommend that before you join a new gambling site, you check they are registered with the UK Gambling Commission. This will provide some assurance that the site and the games available, adhere to the UKGC’s strict guidelines. By heading to the site, you will see the option to search for a licensee, simply type in the casino or gambling sites name and you’ll see if they are active or not.

If you prefer an easy life, then here are a few of our recommendations.

When you are ready to play, you will see that scatters are present on most of the top online casino slots. They have become a staple in the industry and for a very good reason, so fingers crossed you see a scatter or two the next time you bet!

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