What is Multi Stake Bingo?

You may not have heard of multi stake bingo and that is because it is relatively new and provides a different take on the original game. Not only can you play at a lower cost, but it evens out the odds and provides all players with the same chance of winning, making it much fairer.

The Problems with Regular Bingo and Max Cards

When you consider a normal bingo game, the odds of your card winning are equal to any other card. So, working out the chance of a win will depend on the total cards in play. Then add in the fact that everyone is playing for a set prize pot, which is either a fixed jackpot or a percentage of the ticket sales. Of course, you will increase your chance of winning by adding more bingo cards to your game.

Unlike the paper-based version of bingo where you have generally had six tickets numbered between one to 90 balls and each number appears once. If you play online then you can purchase a higher maximum card amount. This is because it’s hard to keep up on the paper version, but elements such as auto daub can make buying bingo cards online up to crazy amounts such as ninety cards possible. Imagine trying to play 90 cards in your local bingo hall, it would be pretty difficult to keep up.

When you’re choosing how many cards you are going to play, you should consider the variance. We have written extensively about slot variance and volatility, but in essence it’s the same on bingo. The more cards you buy and play, equates to smaller less frequent wins. Whereas fewer cards will give you a higher variance and larger wins on an infrequent basis.

What is Multi Stake Bingo and Why Bother Playing?

what is multi stake bingoFor many players the current bingo system maybe low cost but it simply isn’t fun. To have any chance of winning you have to consider purchasing more than one bingo ticket and it can add up over a number of games. To really give yourself the chance of winning you may go all out and buy the maximum card amount, but at 5p a game and generally 96 cards this can equate to £4.80. Remember though that is just on one game, and there tends to be new games every three to five minutes.

So, what’s the solution? Well, multi stake bingo maybe the answer because unlike the version of bingo we currently know, this option lets you to choose your own stake. This allows all players to join in, no matter their budget which is a plus for both the gambler and the sites.

Instead of being told a ticket price is 5p, in multi stake bingo you have a choice of paying between 5p and £1 (so you could choose 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and so on). If you choose a card for 10p, sadly you cannot purchase another at a different amount. Essentially for that specific game you will be locked into that prize for all of your tickets. When you start the next game, you could change this to 20p instead, but make sure you consider the full cost for all of the cards you have chosen.

If you play multi stake bingo you will have the same chance of winning as anyone else who is playing, including those with high stake cards. Should you win then your prize is worked out as a multiple of your chosen stake. Say the game had a minimum stake of 10p with a prize of £10, then a bet of £2 would generate a £200 win. As you can see, every player can adapt to their budget which makes it more exciting. The key to it all is the fact that each stake level will have varying payouts for different prizes. If you had a stake of 10p, then your one line, two line and full house wins will be different to a player who stakes £1.

Because this is a newer game there are very few options, but you will find some such as Super Prize Bingo at Sky Bingo and the 50 Ball Bingo or Play It Your Way at Gala Bingo.

Summary of Multi Stake Bingo

This format of bingo is the perfect option to please every type of gambler because it evens out the variance so that players have an equal chance of winning. Whether you win is still impacted by the number of people who purchase tickets for that game of bingo.

If you are a lower stake player then you have a choice to make, because the multi stake games can improve your chance of winning but it may only be a modest amount. Whereas opting for a normal bingo game on the same stake amount will reduce your chance of winning, but if you are lucky then the prize pot should be bigger and not relative to the stake. Obviously, the choice is yours, so maybe mix it up and try a little of both?

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