Why Play Casino Games Online

The past ten to twenty years has seen a surge in online activity, with many people using the internet to shop, converse with friends, book their holidays and even date. But it is the online gambling world which has seen exponential growth, and because of this the UK Gambling Commission was introduced in 2007 to regulate what had been considered an unethical industry.

More and more players joined casino, slot, and sports betting sites, as the technology advanced and owning a mobile phone became normal. Even people who hadn’t ventured into a land-based casino or bookies, could now simply add an app or register with a site and give it a whirl.

You may be one of the few people who have yet to play online, but you are considering it. So, the main question we’re sure you are asking is, ‘why play casino games online?’

Land Based Casino vs Online Casino Gambling

The differences between land-based casinos and online gambling are vast, with each offering incredible benefits to the players. When you actually visit a casino, you are immersed in the atmosphere, so as well as enjoying the games you can chat with other players, or the croupiers, whilst having a tipple or two.

But this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, because some gamblers like to play by themselves in the peace and comfort of their own home or at their convenience.

So, let’s go through the reasons why gamblers like to play online.

Can play at your convenience

why play casino games onlineOne of the great elements of playing on your computer or mobile, is the fact that you can bet whenever you like. You’re not restricted by time or location, because online sites are available 24/7. The need to get ready and head to a land-based casino is wiped away and replaced by the comforts of your couch in your pyjamas, or finding a moments peace on your work break, or entertaining yourself on slots as you commute home from work. The opportunities are endless, the jackpots are real and all you have to do is connect to your internet data, register or log in and play.

Lots of gaming options

Within an actual casino you can only have a limited amount of gambling machines. But online there are no limitations, you have lots of different categories from slots to table casino games, bingo, and progressives. Within those categories will be a library of options from incredible games designers, including some you wouldn’t normally find, such as the thrilling Pachinko. The amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what type of games you like. A lot of them offer demo options, meaning you can play without spending any of your credit. Demo games are only available to registered players, following changes introduced by the UK Gambling Commission.

Fast and easy payments

Not only is accessing the gambling sites easier online, but so are the banking methods. Depending on the payment option, you will find that transactions are fast meaning you can play much quicker. There are a variety of choices including e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and Ilixium, Boku phone bill payments or the usual debit cards. The same can also be said for removing funds from your account, but make sure you check out the terms and conditions including withdrawal times before you choose.

Secure Transactions

Not only is your banking faster online, but it is also more secure thanks to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Both the gambling site and your banking method will provide safety measures to ensure that no one can hack into your account and access your money or personal information. To make sure the site has SSL backing, check out the bottom of the page and you should see the SSL certificate provided.

Online gambling is regulated

Now we have to begin by stating that land-based gambling is also regulated. But if there’s a reason why you should play online, it’s because casino’s must go through stringent regulations to maintain their licence with the UK Gambling Commission. This impacted the industry significantly and made it so that brands had to be more transparent with their terms and conditions and conduct thorough checks before allowing a customer to bet. Thus, ensuring that they could afford the amount that they wanted to wager. If you’re interested in reading about this, then we have guides on ‘know your customer’ and ‘source of wealth’. On top of this the changes have reduced the risk of money laundering and underage players accessing gambling sites.

Play for free

That we are aware of there are no free of charge games in a land-based casino, but you do have the option of accessing demo games online. As we have previously mentioned you need to have registered with the site to play them, but once you do then you can try out the majority of the games available without spending any credit. Sadly, because they are free you won’t be able to win any real money prizes. But demos are a great way to test out the game’s rules and strategies before you consider wagering any of your own money.

Bonuses and Promotions

The use of bonuses and promotions isn’t something largely found in land-based casinos (normally it will only be available for high rollers), but when you head online you will find it everywhere. From welcome bonuses to monthly cash back, free spins, tournaments, happy hours and even loyalty bonuses. As always, there will be terms and conditions attached to all of these promotions which usually include wagering requirements. So, make sure you check them out before you make any decisions about whether to claim them or not. We have found that bonuses are changed quite regularly on most casinos, including the major brands. The main reason is down to competition because there are so many sites out there, they need to make themselves more attractive to players than their rivals. This is where we benefit, because we can move to whichever site we prefer and enjoy those welcome bonuses.

Collect points as you play

Unlike the physical version of gambling, when you play online in most cases you will earn points as you wager. This is normally under the sites VIP program and is a way for them to distinguish the regular gamblers. The program will have a tiered system which is based on points, so the more you have the higher the tier. Each tier brings bigger and better rewards or benefits. Although this is a great little extra, it shouldn’t be your focus as you gamble. Sadly, players can wager through a lot of money to move through the tiers and find that the actual benefits aren’t that great. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions section of the VIP scheme to see what your casino has to offer.

For fun and enjoyment

Finally, the most important reason of all, purely to have fun! It may sound obvious but sadly many people out there use online gambling as a way of funding their life, which can lead to gambling addictions. Our advice is play within your budget and enjoy the incredible high-quality games which are available from the top designers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. The fact that you can play slots or casino when you’re at your most comfortable, can create a real sense of peace and relaxation; that’s until the adrenaline of the win kicks in. You don’t need to dress up, or even socialise with other people, it’s the perfect alone time where you can destress from the day and focus on you for a change.

Summary of Why Play Casino Games Online

In all honesty, the question should be why not? We’ve given you a few reasons, but there are probably so many more that are personal to you. Obviously, gambling can have its downsides, and for some this can be extreme. But for many the main reason they play is simply to escape for a while and enjoy some time to themselves.

Being online gives you the accessibility to play whenever you want, wherever you want and however you want. Although we’re fond of land-based casino’s, sometimes the idea of heading to one can be off putting.

In reality you’re not losing out by playing online, in fact you’re getting more; more benefits, more games, more fun. So now you know why we and many others love playing online casino games, why not discover your reasons. Here are a few of our favourite casino sites.

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