What is a High Roller – Best High Roller Online Casinos

That legendary image of a ‘high roller’ is something we have all seen in movies and on TV. The carefree spender who flaunts their wealth, like Robert De Niro in the movie Casino is what most people imagine when they hear the term. If you’ve never heard of a high roller then don’t worry, because we’re here to explain what they are and the best high roller online casinos available.

Who Are High Rollers in Online Casino’s?

Best High Roller Online CasinosWithin the world of gambling whether it’s online or land based, a high roller is a player who wagers large amounts of money. Because they place bets in such big amounts, they will stand out from other gamblers. It doesn’t matter what the game is, table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, or slot machines, these ‘whales’ (another term used for high roller) will play for big amounts. As you can imagine a high roller is incredibly lucrative, so the casino will have additional perks thrown their way.

Even though the image of a high roller in a land-based casino is someone who will place thousands on a wager, it isn’t always the case for online players. If you prefer to gamble on your mobile or desktop, then you could be classed as a high roller if you play a lot of hands at smaller values. This is because instead of being measured simply against the value of the bet, the site considers how much is bet, the games played and the length of your gambling sessions.

Rewards for land-based players can be incredibly individualised in terms of who gets them and what they are. Within the online gambling world, you will find there is more clarity because your rewards are based on facts and data.

Differences Between Land-based and Online High Rollers

We began exploring the differences between both formats of gambling above, but let’s delve a little deeper. The rewards and perks that a gambler receives will vary depending on where they play. Land based players tend to enjoy more tangible rewards, so the casino can keep them there and entice them back. You tend to see hotel rooms comped, meals in expensive restaurants, limousines and even transport to the casino itself.

If you’re an online player then you may enjoy the idea of physical rewards, but not as much as gaming extras. Many online brands offer VIP schemes so that they can give their customers freebies such as cash match bonuses and spins. The perks tend to be tailored to each specific person, for example what games do they play and when do they like to gamble, weekends or weekdays.

Why Become a High Roller?

Whether you want to become a high roller or not is something you have to consider seriously. Many casino players prefer to spread their money over a few sites, to try and improve their chances of winning and to take advantage of various promotions. High rollers tend to stay on one gambling site to show that they are a high wagering player. But when you consider that the player is limited in where they play and they’re parting with quite a bit of money, why would anyone want to be a high roller?

For players who regularly gamble and choose the safety of one casino, the ability to reach a high roller status may be easier than you think. Simply by playing and earning points, you will move through the VIP levels, and it is these levels will dictate what kind of rewards you will enjoy. The higher you are in the scheme the better the rewards, but that should be expected when you’re committing yourself to one specific brand.

If you would like to research the site before you commit, then most casino’s have dedicated pages which explain what the VIP Scheme is. It will show the amount you need to wager to reach a certain level and what rewards you can expect. To begin qualifying to be a VIP all you have to do is play, but if you’re unsure as to how it all works then contact the site and they can explain the process.

The one thing all players want to know about is the rewards, so we thought we’d list a few of the general ones offered on most gambling sites. Obviously, it will vary on each casino and VIP level, but you should see these appear on most schemes.

Personal VIP Account Manager

In general, any player who is classed as a VIP will have access to a VIP account manager. The site will aim to provide the best customer service to its top players, which is reasonable considering you spend a lot of money with them.

The ability to contact someone quickly is great for those times when there is an issue, and you want it resolved as quickly as possible. High rollers are given VIP customer service telephone numbers to call and an account number to quote, should they need it.

The VIP account manager is trained to provide the highest level of service to their players, and because of this they can offer extras such as free spins, without needing senior level approval.

High Roller Exclusive Bonuses

Bonuses will always be the reward that high rollers prefer, more so if they’ve wagered a large amount of credit. The reward you get will depend on the level you are at, but for most casino’s it is extra credit and free spins. We are finding that some sites are becoming more inventive with their bonuses, so who knows what you will get. If you prefer to know exactly what is on offer, then you can contact the site and ask for information on the bonus packages.

Access to Private Tournaments

This is quite a popular option for many high rollers, especially those with a competitive streak. Private tournaments offer amazing cash prizes, and they can be in most games such as slots, blackjack and poker. What really entices the more frequent players to a VIP tournament is the fact that the other players will be experienced too.

If you are invited to join via the VIP programme, then the tournament is normally free. Most will only be for a small select group, which will improve your odds of winning. The fact that it is free is the perfect perk for both the casino and gambler, because as you play there is a possibility that you will try other games at the same time.

High Roller Bonus Cash Back

Cash back tends to be an incentive given to most players, so it doesn’t exactly stand out as being something special. But this isn’t just any old cash back bonus, because high rollers will be offered much bigger percentages. Of course, the higher the level you are on, the bigger the percentage you can expect. We love cash back bonuses because it feels like we get a little something back every time we play, even if it is one of those losing sessions.

Higher Deposit / Bet Limits and Easier Withdrawals

Most gambling sites have minimum and maximum deposit limits for a variety of reasons; mainly to protect vulnerable players. This can create problems for high rollers who may feel restricted by the maximum amounts.

Players who are members of the VIP Programme are able to deposit higher amounts than an everyday player. The site will conduct ‘source of funds’ checks to establish that the player can afford to wager at that level.

High rollers will find that both the depositing and withdrawal process is much easier than it is for a regular player. Yes, the site wants you to replay your winnings, but they also want to keep any special players happy. If you believe that you deserve to have an increased deposit limit, then we would recommend contacting the site and requesting that it is changed.

Special Event Bonus

Special occasions should be celebrated and as a high roller you will find that the site loves to spoil you on certain dates such as your anniversary or birthday. The casino will send you an email detailing what the bonus is and how you can get it. Whether you take the bonus is down to you, because it may involve adding credit before they give you the freebie.

Higher Table Limits

It is not just the deposit amounts which can be limited on a gambling site. Table limits are normal on most online casinos, which again can be a frustration to a high roller. Being a VIP member could lead to your table limits being increased or you may be given access to tables with larger betting amounts, so you are closer in stake to the other players.

Invitation to Exclusive VIP Events

It’s difficult for us to tell you what is involved in this reward because it could be anything. But previous perks have been invites to sporting events, pamper days and tournaments in other countries.

These are quite prestigious gifts and will only be given to the higher-level VIP members, so it is something you can look forward to as you move through the programme. What makes this better than the others is the fact that you’re not required to wager any additional money. This is a physical bonus which you can enjoy and make fond memories, it’s also the perfect way for the site to reward you for your loyalty.

How to Pick a High Roller Casino

Our choices for the best high roller casinos are.

If you’re not excited by any of the choices we’ve given you and you want to pick your own high roller casino, then here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Reputable and trustworthy site – This isn’t the first thing you may have thought of when considering what site you will sign up with. Sadly, people only think about it when it is too late, and issues arise. Not every casino can provide you with the ultimate gambling experience, mainly because each of us have different requirements. But the basis of any site should be that they are reputable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to fairness within their games and transparency at the point they pay out. Each casino must have a proportion of funds set aside for any big wins that a player may have, and this should not include the money you have wagered.

How do you find a reputable gambling site? Well, our advice would be that you ensure the casino is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Having this will mean that the site must meet a high standard of rules, or they will lose their licence and cannot provide a service in the UK.

High Deposit amount – To be able to credit and wager a large amount is what every high roller is looking for. So, it would make sense that you check with the casino before you register as to what they can offer you. Betting sizes may vary depending on whether it’s a table casino game or a slot, so just make sure you get details on your preferences.

High withdrawal amount – If you win a large amount then you may want to remove it all or in chunks. This is why you should look for a casino with a higher withdrawal amount, but you need to be aware that most will have daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits. Again, double check with the site first before committing your time and money to them.

Good customer service – We mentioned the customer service element above within the account manager section, but it is worth repeating again. If you’re a player who is parting with a large amount of money, then glitches or issues can be incredibly frustrating. That is why you need a site with a dedicated customer service team, who can offer players 24/7 support.

Secure casino software – Most reputable casinos will have an SSL certificate on their website to show that they offer a secure platform against hackers. This is important if you have money within your gaming wallet, but also for your personal and bank details.

Unlimited Bonuses – This can be a difficult one for high rollers, because most bonuses are capped at certain amounts. You will find this more so with the smaller casino’s who could not afford the hit of a big win on a higher deposit amount. There are sites who offer unlimited bonuses, but they are few and far between.

Payment Methods for High Rollers

Security will always be the key for any high rollers, especially when it comes to their choice of payment options. But you will also want to be able to remove as much of your winnings as possible, so that also needs to be considered. As we have mentioned above, most casinos will have a maximum limit on how much you can withdraw. In general, the best banking method for both of these issues would be an e-wallet. They offer swift transfers, high levels of security and minimal costs, with many offering free banking. The more popular options are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, but we are seeing new brand such as Ilixium appear on a regular basis.

Best Casino Games for High Rollers

This is going to be a personal preference, because really it will be completely dependent on the type of game you like; but you generally want casino games with the best odds. All high roller casinos will cater to every kind of player by offering a variety of slots and table casino games. Most will even have special VIP tables reserved for high rollers only.

The bet size limit is the key to any roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, live dealer or craps tables. They will have a cap on the maximum limit, but you should find that it is significantly higher than your everyday player.

High betting players looking for a smarter way to play, should always look for games with a high RTP and a lower house edge. The main reason is that you will increase your advantage over the gaming site.

Table Games

High rollers are renowned for enjoying table casino games, which is why many of sites have specific tables dedicated to that level of gamer. You will find options such as blackjack and baccarat will double up, whereas in roulette there will be a big increase in the amount you can stake. To add to the excitement, most gambling sites even have live casino games, which gives the player the feeling of being in a land-based casino.


We have mentioned tournaments above and for a very good reason, because they are the ideal option for a competitive high roller. Games such as poker and baccarat will provide the chance to play with others of a similar skill level, with the opportunity to win incredible prizes.

Lightning Roulette and High Rollers

This Evolution Gaming roulette option has created a fan base in the casino sector, especially with high rollers. Lightning Roulette looks and acts like a normal roulette game, but between rounds a random multiplier is added to certain lucky numbers. If your number wins then you could also enjoy the multiplier attached, for example x100.

Slots for High Rollers

Because slots can vary so significantly, if you are a high roller, it is best to ask the casino for advice on what to play. Wins on slots are determined by the amount you wager, so your prize pool can be quite substantial. Here are a few of our favourite options.


Summary of What is a High Roller – Best High Roller Online Casinos

You now know what a high roller is and whether or not you want to be one, or you already are one. The key to finding the right gambling site is research, especially when you are looking at various VIP schemes. Our advice would be to not focus too much on the rewards, because you may end up spending more than you had wanted to. The sites terms and conditions are a great place to start, as is the VIP page, but remember to contact gamcare.org.uk if you feel your betting is getting out of control.

Those of you who enjoy your newfound high roller status should be aware that you may not have it forever. Normally you need to continue to bet at a certain level to remain in that category, which can be a financial burden and time consuming. If you find a gambling site you like which offers you everything you need, then simply continue as you always have and enjoy your gaming time, after all it is the reason we play in the first place.

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