Best Casino E-Wallets for Easy Online Gambling

Betting online is a rapidly growing sector, with new gambling sites popping up every month. Because it’s such a competitive market you will find that new trends appear all the time, with the aim of making the players lives more enjoyable and easier. The introduction of the smartphone was a game changer for casino and slot sites because it meant that people could access their games whenever they wanted to.

But one of the biggest innovations has been the introduction of a variety of banking methods such as pay by phone bill via Boku, and the impressive e-wallet. So, what are the best casino e-wallets for easy online gambling and what exactly is an e-wallet?

What Are E-Wallet Casino Payments

As the betting brands began opening their online gambling sites and the money started rolling in, it became apparent that the available banking methods didn’t offer the security and convenience the player needed.

Thus, the e-wallet was born, with the popular brand PayPal rocketing ahead of the rest and changing the way consumers made and received transactions. It may surprise you that PayPal has actually been around since the late nineties, so the introduction of digital payments in the online gambling world seemed inevitable.

The growth of this sector appears to be in the younger age brackets, with nearly half of 18 to 34 year olds preferring e-wallets as their chosen banking method. This is understandable as we see huge shifts in our physical world with shops preferring contactless over cash.

So, what exactly is an e-wallet? It’s a form of electronic cash which is used to make payments via mobile apps. You essentially use your phone or computer as a type of cashless credit and debit card, which is linked from the vendor to your bank account. Think of e-wallets as an intermediary between the gambling site and your bank.

Because it is a software-based platform with high security coding, it will keep both your payment details and passwords protected for a range of payment channels. Not only are e-wallets safer than conventional methods, but they are also a lot quicker, with some options offering their customers prepaid debit cards. One of the biggest benefits of having an e-wallet is that you can store multiple bank cards in one place, meaning you don’t need a number of e-wallet accounts. Also, all the information is accessible on your computer or smartphone, so you can use it at home or when you are out and about. E-Wallets have made global e-commerce much easier, as you can now conduct transactions in a number of countries, using various currencies.

For many gamblers the main benefit is how fast payments are processed, because you are not required to enter bank details when you use e-wallets. Your details are already stored in the e-wallet account and as such they will automatically fill the payment form for you.

Benefits of Using a Digital Wallet for Gambling UK

casino gambling ewallet advantagesBefore we tell you about our recommendations for the best e-wallets, here is why you should consider this as a payment.

  • Convenience – Instead of having multiple bank accounts to sign in and check, you can simply do everything you need to from one account. There’s no need to repeatedly fill in long bank numbers and you don’t have to go and get your bank card to pay for something. The best part is you can send money to another e-wallet user instantaneously.
  • High Security – Because of the secure encryption software, it is more difficult for fraudsters to break into your e-wallet than conventional bank accounts. Should someone try and access your account then they would need your passwords or Face ID to get in. Most brands have two factor authentication which means that you have to enter a six-digit number which will be sent to you on your mobile. Once you enter the code you will have access to your account.
  • Instant Fast Withdrawals – On average it can take 3 to 4 working days to remove funds from your gambling account. But if you use an e-wallet the average time is 24 to 48 hours.
  • Ideal Banking Method for Mobile Casino Gamblers – With the majority of online gamblers preferring to play on their mobile, it would make sense that there be more mobile compatible banking options. This is where e-wallets are perfect because most of the top brands have dedicated mobile apps. This means that you can deposit and withdraw credit with ease.

Disadvantages of Using an Electronic Wallet for Gambling UK

As with everything in the world, there will always be disadvantages. But you must determine if they are enough to put you off the many benefits that e-wallets bring.

  • Limited Brands – Depending on the e-wallet you choose, you may be limited on the number of casinos available. That is why we would recommend choosing the gambling site first and then the e-wallet after, because they generally offer the same benefits.
  • Transaction Fees – The majority of transactions will be free of charge, but make sure you check out the terms and conditions of the gambling site to ensure they don’t apply an administration fee.
  • Deposit Limits – Similar to other forms of payment such as Boku phone bill and bank cards, e-wallets also have a daily deposit limit of £30. For the high rollers out there who feel £30 isn’t enough, then you can contact the betting sites customer services and ask them to increase your threshold. There may be some sites which accept digital wallets for deposits, but sadly not for withdrawals, so make sure you check the t&c’s before you add any credit.
  • Welcome Bonus Conditions – Some gambling sites restrict the use of e-wallets for players who wish to claim the customer sign up bonus. You will discover any information you need within the terms and conditions section.

The Best E-Wallets in Online Gambling

Fintech, otherwise known as financial technology, has been around for a while and as such the gambling sites are fully prepared for it. So, when e-wallets became popular they quickly grabbed on to the software to provide their players with the latest banking options.

There are a number of e-wallet brands available for online casino players, some you may not have heard of. So, we will bring you our list of popular options, and the pros and cons associated with them.


paypal e-walletThe obvious brand to top the board of the best e-wallet, mainly because it is the world’s biggest merchant payment service and one of the originals when it comes to payment wallets. It founded the online transaction industry in 1998 and is currently said to account for a huge 72% of transactions via e-wallet. This is primarily due to the high levels of security implemented in the background, which gives the consumer the guarantee that their information and money is safe. PayPal has now made a move into the world of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, so we may see more Bitcoin casino sites appear in the future.

Casinos which accept Paypal:

PayPal the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently none
  • Withdrawal Times – Generally less than 24 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £10
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of PayPal

  • Easy to use
  • Additional level of security and helps prevent fraud, because if you are a victim then PayPal will help you get that money back.
  • They have an encryption software which keeps your bank and credit card information safe.
  • There are no fees which is why it is the most popular brand used by bookmakers.

Cons of PayPal

  • Although PayPal is free for players they do not tend to be for businesses, so some companies will pass this onto the punter.
  • Reputationally PayPal is known to be aggressive when it feels there is a security issue and as such, they may freeze an account. Because of this you will not be able to access your money until you can provide enough proof to satisfy the issue.
  • In connection to the above point, if any problems arise then the customer service at PayPal can be slow and frustrating.
  • Although PayPal is known to protect players from fraud due to their protection policies, this sadly does not apply to gambling online in all countries.
  • Verifying your new account can be burdensome and take a little time.


skrill best ewalletsNot as renowned as PayPal but still one of the top e-wallet payment methods, Skrill has been around since 2013. It was originally called Moneybookers, but after the name change Skrill has proven that it can provide the service and security that you expect from a good digital payment. As a subsidiary of Paysafe Holdings UK Limited which birthed the Paysafe Card, they have shown their expertise in keeping it simple as you transfer monies from your e-wallet to your account.

Casinos which accept Skrill:

Skrill the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no domestic fees
  • Withdrawal Times – Generally less than 24 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £10
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of Skrill

  • Opening an account is quick and easy, with the Skrill credit card allowing payments at businesses which do not use Skrill.
  • Simple, safe, and fast worldwide payments.
  • Alike PayPal, Skrill is accepted at most leading gambling brands.
  • Skrill accepts cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin.
  • They offer prepaid cards (in Europe) and there is a loyalty programme.

Cons of Skrill

  • The actual Skrill site can be slightly confusing for customers to use.
  • As with PayPal the support side of the business can be a little slow.
  • Sometimes there are issues with deposits made on gambling sites.


neteller digital payment walletThis brand is a world leader and used by millions of customers to transfer money back and forth. Neteller can be found on most UK based gambling sites because of their ease of use.

Casinos which accept Neteller:

Neteller the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no fees
  • Withdrawal Times – Generally less than 12 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £15
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of Neteller

  • Alike the other brands you can expect a quick, safe, and secure software with free transactions.
  • Neteller also accepts cryptocurrency deposits such as Bitcoin.
  • The user interface is quite simple, which means that it takes no time at all to set up your account.
  • Withdrawals are incredibly quick but be aware that this doesn’t include the protocols set up by the gambling site.

Cons of Neteller

  • You need extra security passwords to access your account.
  • Sadly, if you’re a fan of promotions or offers, then the gambling site may not allow you to use Neteller as your payment method.


muchbetter e walletThis brand is newer than the others only having been founded in 2016, but it has already made a big impact. Sadly, not all of our favourite brands offer MuchBetter such as Bet365, but the way this e-wallet is growing we imagine it won’t be long before this will change.

Casinos which accept MuchBetter:

MuchBetter the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no fees
  • Withdrawal Times – Generally 24 to 48 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £5
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of MuchBetter

  • The deposit limit is much lower than the other more popular brands.
  • You are assured of speed, convenience, and high security.
  • Easy to use interface in multiple languages.
  • Real time transactions.

Cons of MuchBetter

  • Because it’s so new the big brands have yet to add MuchBetter to their list of payment methods.
  • There are charges for transactions with cards.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay ewallet digital bankingThis mobile and digital wallet was launched in 2014 and can only be used with iPhones, iPads, the Apple Watch and Macs which have Touch ID. It is accepted both online and on the high street and because there is PIN, fingerprint or Face ID password protection, you have a high level of security. Your device will connect wirelessly to your account and once you confirm acceptance of the transaction, then the payment is made.

Thankfully our favourite gambling brands all accept Apple Pay, so you don’t need to think about opening another e-wallet for your online betting.

Casinos which accept Apple Pay:

Apple Pay the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no fees
  • Withdrawal Times – Not Applicable
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £5
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of Apple Pay

  • The transaction process is seamless once you have added your card information. You don’t have to add another e-wallet or download an app.
  • High levels of security because even though your account is linked to a bank card, that information is never visible during the transaction.
  • Can also be used in the majority of retail stores.

Cons of Apple Pay

  • Can only be used on some Apple devices and as you can imagine no Android options.
  • Although there are a few of the big gambling brands who accept Apple Pay, sadly this isn’t as popular an option as some of the other e-wallets we have mentioned above.
  • Because the option only works when it is on, you must make sure that all of your devices are charged and ready to be used.


ecopayz e walletThis European based company has started to appear more frequently on the casino banking section. It basically works the same as the other wallets and enables instant payment.

Casinos which accept ecoPayz:

ecoPayz the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no fees
  • Withdrawal Times – 24 to 48 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £10
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of ecoPayz

  • Offers secure and anonymous transactions without additional fees.
  • Reputationally has good customer service and an ease-of-use platform.
  • The processing time is quite low.

Cons of ecoPayz

  • You can find that additional documents are requested if you choose to upgrade your ecoPayz and they ask for a number of forms of ID to register.
  • Customers have complained that their accounts have been closed without notice.
  • Fewer of the larger gambling brands offer this wallet.
  • The ecoPayz app can be quite slow.


trustly e walletTrustly began in Sweden in 2008 under the name InstantBank and although it is still a relatively small brand when compared to PayPal, it is quite popular. Alike the other brands they have a reputation for ease, safety, and anonymity.

Casinos which accept Trustly:

Trustly the basics:

  • Transactions Fee’s – Currently no fees
  • Withdrawal Times – 24 to 48 hours
  • Deposit Limit – Currently £10
  • Mobile App – Yes

Pros of Trustly

  • They are accepted by a vast number of gambling brands.
  • Available in a large number of European countries.
  • They offer high security encryption software which protects players from fraud.

Cons of Trustly

  • The withdrawal time is slightly longer than you would expect from e-wallets.
  • Some banks don’t allow Trustly or they add their own fees for using it.
  • Customer support isn’t as good as the other brands.

Which E-Wallet Is Best for Online Gambling

We’ve provided you with a list of great e-wallets, but each one is slightly different and has pros and cons. The decision really is yours and it will depend on what e-wallets are available on your chosen gambling site. All of them will provide the high security software, but just check to see if any fees are applied by the site itself.

How to Open An E-Wallet Account

The first step is to download and install the software on your chosen device and complete the required personal information. You can add multiple card details on your one e-wallet account and delete them if you no longer wish to use them. Once your financial data is all merged into once place, then you’re all set up and can make purchases or payments online.

At the point you’re ready to make a payment, you will choose the brand of e-wallet you have registered with. The gambling site will prompt you to enter an account ID and you will then be transferred to the e-wallet to confirm the amount.

To withdraw money, you must confirm your request entering the valid ID and then you will find that the money is processed instantly.

Are Any Fees Added on E-Wallets with Casino Sites Online?

The majority of gambling sites do not apply fees onto e-wallet payments, but sadly that’s not a given so it is wise to check out the banking section of the site to make sure. There can be four types of fees which include.

  • Depositing money
  • Withdrawing money
  • Transfer money internationally and
  • Inactivity fees.

Costs for these can be as low as 1% and on many occasions the e-wallets don’t charge at all. But we have seen some of the international transfers being between 3 and 5% depending on the provider.

Casino Bonuses When Using E-Wallets

Most betting sites will offer some form of bonus, whether it’s on your first deposit, or when you play a specific game. There are occasions when bonuses are given to players for using a certain type of banking method. Sadly, the opposite can also be true, with some sites stating in their terms and conditions that bonuses are not available on some e-wallet brands. Our advice is check the gambling sites payment details first, so that you have all the information you need to make a decision. Then you can decide if you’re going to use an e-wallet and which one you will register with.

Are E-Wallets Safe?

best e wallet for gambling onlineThe increase in popularity of the digital wallet payment, has mainly been due to the fact that they are more secure than other banking methods. Combine their two-factor authentication, PINs which can only be used once, plus the encryption technology and you can see why it would be difficult for a hacker to break in and get your information.

If you want to boost your digital wallet security, then here are a few recommendations.

  • Phone theft is one of the main reasons that thieves gain access to your e-wallet, so mobile security should be your first step. Make sure that your phone and electronic wallet are secured by passwords and log in’s. Most modern mobiles have a locking function, with your phone only being opened if you enter a password, PIN code or biometric authentication such as your fingerprint. This type of protection makes it incredibly difficult for thieves to gain access to your information. Obviously if you are using passwords, then make them complex with a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you prefer to swipe, then never do it in front of others because you have no idea who is watching you.
  • For additional security you can install an app on your phone, which will show you where it is if it has been lost or stolen. Many of these kinds of apps can also lock your phone remotely and erase the log in information you have saved to your device.
  • You tend to find disclaimers now but for those of you who don’t know, you can increase your risk of hacking by using public Wi-Fi. We strongly advise you never use your payment apps when on public Wi-Fi because they are easier to hack.
  • One easy to follow recommendation is to monitor your financial accounts on a regular basis. This is so you can look out for suspicious activity and report it to your bank.

Summary of Best Casino E-Wallets for Easy Online Gambling

Gambling sites have become more and more technologically advanced, with an aim to making our online betting easy and fun. It would make sense that one of the innovations would involve payment methods. If you look on your preferred casino or sports betting site you will see a raft of e-wallets available, with more being adding all the time such as Ilixium.

The best way to pick a digital wallet is to choose one which you can use in all aspects of life. So, as well as online gaming you can use it for shopping and even when you travel.

Most wallets offer the highest in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software, giving you the comfort that your personal details will remain private. But it is wise to do a little research into each before registering with one.

After you have ascertained that your choice provides adequate safety measures and it is offered on your chosen casino provider, do a quick check to see if there are any transaction fees; either from the e-wallet themselves or the gambling site. Also, what are the maximum and minimum deposit limits and do they accommodate your playing style.

If you are registering with a new online casino and you’re taking advantage of the welcome bonuses, then make sure that your use of an e-wallet doesn’t prevent you from receiving the offer.

We are sure that in this technology led world, that person 2 person ( P2P ) transactions will become the most popular online banking method; it pretty much already is. Hopefully we have given you everything you need to know about digital wallets and why making the switch from conventional banking may be a sensible move. If you don’t already have a gambling site of preference, then you can click on any of our links above and we’ll take you through.

As well as this guide we have others on a myriad of topics, including No Account Casinos, Slot Volatility and a Guide to High Variance Slots vs Low Variance Slots and Complaint Procedure for Online Gambling Sites.

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