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Casino payment options continue to expand, and we have seen lots of new choices which aim to help gamers credit their casino wallet in a swift and secure manner. This will hopefully provide the player with a positive experience, which will lead to them using the same banking option over and over again. E-wallets such as Neteller, PayPal and Ilixium lead the way in efficient transactions, but the biggest growth has been in the pay by phone casino sector. It’s here we’re going to focus, because not only do we have the ability to pay for our credit via our mobile phone bills. We can now do the same on our landline, which is a relatively unknown payment option. So, lets delve a little more into BT landline deposit casino banking.

Although mobiles are the go-to technology for communication and online gambling, most of you will still be aware of what a landline telephone is; especially if you are over forty. You probably also know all about Boku and the ability to pay for your gaming credit and add it to your mobile phone bill. But you may not have realised that if you have a landline, you can also add credit to that too.

Because landline payments have seen a slower evolution then mobile, you will find that most online gamers aren’t even aware it exists. But due to innovative technology brought in by BT, this payment technology is now available.

The market for landline banking seems to be those in the older generations, who fully utilise their landlines. Even if you don’t view yourself in that category we would still recommend you read on, simply to see if this option could assist with funding your gaming time. Within this article we will provide you with further information about how to deposit casino credit with BT landline and which slot sites offer this payment, as well as impressive welcome bonuses.

BT Landline Deposit Casino – Pay by Phone CasinoTo make it easier, here are a few of the main points we will cover.

  • What is landline casino banking and how to access it,
  • List of casino and slot sites who offer BT landline payments,
  • The benefits and problems with landline billing, as opposed to bank cards and mobile phone billing.

Current Casinos with Landline Deposit in the UK

These impressive casino and slot sites not only offer a wide range of games to suit every players preference, but they also have a good choice of welcome and regular bonuses. Of course, they also accept landline billing.

How Does Casino Landline Billing Work?

The use of mobile phone billing has soared over the last few years, due to the ease in which you can credit your casino wallet and the heightened security measures it offers. The fact that you only have to give your bank details to the mobile phone provider and not the casino, will minimise the risk of your information being used fraudulently. For many, the fear of someone gaining their personal information for illegal activities has led to them looking for other billing alternatives, instead of the usual bank transfers. Now we are seeing this popularity move across to landline contracts, especially for customers who are on BT bill, Virgin Media and TalkTalk contracts.

In addition to security concerns, the other benefits to players in using casino billing in landline contracts are reduced fees, quicker processing times and higher deposit limits. Each of these aspects will be important to a gambler, but when combined they create a well-rounded banking method for all.

We are big fans of landline banking but feel it’s important to state that other methods may be the better option for you. E-wallets such as PayPal can be completed so quickly, and their encrypted software adds another layer of security. This doesn’t mean you should completely disregard BT landline payments, because they too have so many benefits available. You will also find that landline providers are incredibly choosy on the casino and slot sites they will work with and as such you have a greater chance that they are a trusted brand within the industry.

The process of paying for credit using your landline contract is as follows.

  • Pick your preferred casino or slot site – It may sound simple, but the first step is ensuring you choose a gambling site which is right for you. To assist in the search, we have given you a few options above. Not only do they offer payment by landline, but they also encompass everything that makes a great place to game online, such as welcome bonuses, promotions and top-rated customer service.
  • Register and choose landline payment – As you would imagine you will click on the register button and provide the usual personal details. This will include your email address and the documents required to confirm your identity, which is known throughout the industry as ‘Know Your Customer’. At the point you choose your banking method, you should see the options for BT Landline or Phone Bill Payments. After picking landline you will then be required to give two pieces of information. This is the amount of credit you want to add and your landline number. The need for your landline number is so you can connect the account to your landline bill, but you should bear in mind that there will be a likelihood that the amount you wish to add will be capped. This process is incredibly similar to mobile phone banking, but instead of receiving a text you will get a call to your landline to verify the information. The call will be an automated operator, so you will not be asked to provide any bank details over the telephone. This process is to ensure that no fraudulent activity has occurred and someone else has used your number. The operator will ask you to follow a set process to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction and once completed, the payment will be made. To ensure the verification process is done, we would advise remaining online until you are sure it is completely finished. If it didn’t fully finish, then the credit may not be transferred through and you will need to do the whole thing again.
  • Enjoy playing the games – This is the bit you’ve been waiting for, the part where you play incredible online casino games. We have briefly touched on it above but remember that you will have a minimum and maximum cap on your gaming. This is to protect the more vulnerable players out there from overextending themselves.
  • Paying for your credit – As with pay by mobile phone, you will receive your usual monthly landline bill from BT, Virgin Media or TalkTalk and simply pay it off.

Benefits of Depositing Casino Credit on Landline

Fast Transfer – For certain payment methods such as bank transfers, it can take a few days for your money to appear in the casino wallet. This can be frustrating for customers who want to play immediately, but instead have to wait. This is why phone bill contract payments have become so popular, because once the verification process is done then the money is moved over immediately.

Increased Financial Security – The fact that you don’t need to provide bank details to a number of gambling sites, is the main reason that phone bill payment options are popular. With landline banking you only need to give your phone number, because the providers have all your other details already.

Easier to Manage Your Gambling Budget – By using landline billing, you have the option to add your casino credit now and pay it off at a later date. By doing this you can budget your money through the month to make sure it balances out and you don’t have periods where you cannot afford to play. This banking method should never be used as a form of credit card and if you have concerns about your gambling then you can get assistance from The SMS deposit method will have a £30 max limit each day when you initially register, but this will go up over time. That decision will be made by the landline provider and will be dependent on your gambling habits and if you pay for your bill on time.

Problems with Using BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media Landline Deposit

Limited Deposit of £30 – We’ve mentioned the daily cap a couple of times and although it is there to protect the more vulnerable players, it can be a hinderance to high rollers. If you want to credit your account with more, then you can appeal to the telephone provider and ask for an increase. The other option is choosing an additional banking method, although this would remove the benefit of keeping your financial information secure.

Unable to Withdraw Using Landline BT – You may have noticed that throughout the content we have mentioned the ability to deposit using this method, but not how you withdraw funds. That is because sadly it is not an option and if you want to remove any winnings, you will need to add another banking method. Yes, it does again remove the benefit of financial security, so it’s something to consider before you choose this option.

Few Casino’s with Landline Deposit Option – Boku mobile casino can pretty much be found everywhere, including on the top reputable brands. Unfortunately, landline hasn’t had the same exposure, which may be because it’s seen as an antiquated method of communication. If you find a casino site which offers mobile payments, then you will probably find that they also take landline as well; or you can message the site and ask.

Slot Games and Casino Games on BT Landline Casino Deposit UK

Even though a lot of the sites may not offer landline with BT deposits, those who do have a raft of slot, progressive jackpots, bingo and casino games. The ones we have mentioned above are top class casino sites and they will offer the featured favourites that we all know and love, such as Gonzo’s Quest and Rainbow Riches.

Summary of BT Landline Deposit Casino

Although you may already have a preferred payment method for your online gaming, it’s always worthwhile keeping yourself updated on the new ones available. Landline billing may not have the popularity of Boku mobile payments, but it still provides the same benefits. It maybe that this option will be used by the older generation who still predominantly use landlines for making telephone calls.

The key to payments with your landline phone bill is the fact that you limit the exposure of your financial details. This is something that all online gamers find appealing and it is the reason mobile billing is as beloved as it is. If this is a concern for you, then why not check out one of the casino’s we’ve mentioned above and try SMS billing for yourself.

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