Siberian Storm

Prepare yourselves for its about to get very cold in here, as we head to the icy wastelands of Siberian Storm. At least you get to stay nice and warm at home, courtesy of IGT creating their very own snow-capped game for you. Including the innovative multiway xtra feature that we will go into later, as well as an interesting layout for the reels too.

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Game Features

Siberian Storm is a 5-reel, 720 ways to win slot that offers a frosty 96% RTP for intrepid snow trekkers like yourself. Notice the reels are set out in an offset formation and includes the multiway xtra too. This means pay outs are paid right to left and left to right, doubling the chance of return for your single spin.

Set against a chilly looking winter landscape surrounded by forest, there is no escaping the Siberian Storm here. Symbols vary with some taking animal form and others looking almost antique. Higher value symbols include the Siberian Storm logo, a red and a white tiger and an amber bracelet of sorts. Lower value symbols include a carved tusk, a blue, purple and green amulet and a tiger’s eye. The tigers eye symbol also doubles as your bonus symbol which will be explained below.

Bet Amounts – Betting begins at £50 per spin and can be adjusted up to the maximum of £5,000 per spin! Not that we would advise anyone betting at such high stakes, even if you did have the balance to support it. Really easy to amend your bet too, as just to the left of the spin button is your coin value. Select the plus or minus to amend your choice until you are happy and bobs your frozen uncle!

Multiway Xtra Feature – This is a great addition to a basic game set up and add to it the offset formation of the reels, gives Siberian Storm a bit of an edge. Multiway Xtra means pay outs are paid right to left and left to right, but you aren’t paying out twice.

Siberian Storm Wild Symbol – A white tiger on a purple background is your wild symbol and he will substitute for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus.

Scatter Symbol – An interesting looking device with the word scatter makes up your Siberian Storm scatter symbol. In this game you will only earn scatter wins for landing these symbols on the reels. To grab those bonus spins you will need something else.

Bonus Symbol – Peering out from the reels is a green tiger’s eye, this is your bonus symbol and your way to trigger the bonus spins. During the bonus round the tiger’s eye bonus symbol turns from green to orange and it works in much the same way but is only available in the bonus feature.

Bonus Spins Feature – Having managed to land 5 consecutive green eye scatters, you will bag yourself 8 bonus spins. But the joy of this is that you can trigger this multiple times from the main game giving you up to a maximum of 96 spins. It doesn’t stop there though, if you land a consecutive set of orange tiger’s eyes which are only available in the bonus round, you will get a further 8 spins added to your total. With the maximum that you can accumulate during the bonus round being a whopping 240 in total.


Siberian Storm is a very enjoyable slot that may be in need of an extra feature, but what it has available is still really great to play. Multiway Xtra makes it easier for wins to land within both the main and bonus games. However, the bonus game is a little trickier to trigger but worth the wait, as we had some large wins once inside. If you haven’t come across a game set out like this before we are sure you will love it as much as we do.

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