Cosmic Cat

Retro space themed games usually end up being quite the hit with players and we’re sure Cosmic Cat from Microgaming will be another addition to the list. It is a simple, 3-reel game with no features to partake in, but there are some great graphics and an even better RTP! If a no bells and whistles game is something you enjoy, then you are going to love this one. Read on below to find out why you should be hitting spin in space with this quirky cat!

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Game Features

Cosmic Cat is a 3-reel, 1 pay line slot offering a nifty RTP of 96.52%, for all those who choose to enter the space race. With only 3 reels there is lots of space around to fill, and Microgaming have done just that. There are swirling galaxies, twinkling stars and of course our intrepid astronaut the Cosmic Cat!

To the side of the reel is the pay table too, giving you a full breakdown of the win combinations and respective pay outs awarded. As the reels spin away there is a sound that almost makes you feel like something is about to be beamed up. Combine that with the old school slot sounds and it makes for a very annoying sound, so we switched it off in the end.

Bet Amounts – Betting is very simple with Cosmic Cat, because it begins at 25p per spin and can be increased to the maximum of £10 per spin. Use the plus or minus symbols to change the bet amount, and then click on the blue button to increase the bet level from 1 to 2. Once you are satisfied with your bet amount you can hit spin. If, however you want to cut right to the chase hit the bet max button to immediately bump your bet to £10.

Wild Symbol – Your wild symbol is the games lead character and astronaut, the Cosmic Cat. As the wild he will substitute for all other symbols in the game. He is also your highest paying symbol offering a x500 coin win on level 1 or the jackpot of x1000 coins on level 2.

Cosmic Cat at royal house casinoScatter Symbol – Unfortunately Cosmic Cat doesn’t have a scatter symbol and that in turn means there is no bonus feature either. We did advise that this slot is stripped back to basics and although a bonus feature is usually what draws people to a slot, we do feel that not having a feature doesn’t negatively impact the game.

Other Symbols – The other symbols in the game are in keeping with the old school feel to the slot. As you will see from the pay table at the side, there are only three to watch out for, the cats face, the mouse and the bars. Only the cat symbol will land as a single, double or triple set on the reels. You can win in a few different ways with the bar symbols too. Land a combination of the single, double or triple bar symbols to win, these are the only symbols that can be mixed to form a win.


If simple, single reel slot games are your thing then Cosmic Cat is going to be a big winner in your eyes. However, if you prefer something with a bit more to it, then this may be one you want to pass over. We enjoy the older themed slots ourselves, but this one is stripped right back, and we lost interest in it after a little while. That’s not to say we wouldn’t come back, because in all honesty for the cost per spin you are getting pretty good returns. Wins happen more often than you would think with a single pay line slot. But you may be waiting some time to trigger that jackpot win and that is where the boredom factor begins to set in. Cosmic Cat may be overly simple and lacking in extras, but it does have a certain charm and is an easy play. It is not the kind of game you would want to play for a while, but thankfully those quick wins make it hugely popular for quick visits.

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