Gem Rocks

What we love most about Yggdrasil Gaming is their ability to take any theme and develop it into an epic slot for players. Their latest attempt is at a gem/mining theme and they have added in a great avalanche style to the slot as well. So, its time to get your rock breaking gear at the ready as we play Gem Rocks and go digging for buried treasure within the mountains.

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Game Features

Gem Rocks is a 6-reel slot offering a whopping 4096 ways to win and an RTP of 96.20%. Set to look as if you are carving the rocks straight from a mountain side. There is a meter to the left of the reels which forms part of the feature. Symbols are all formed from different shapes and colours. Higher value symbols are shown by the star, moon, circle and blue triangle shapes, with lower values being the grey triangle, square, diamond and cross. In the background there is an almost ethereal sounding music, combined with a thudding sound as the symbols drop into place. Strangely this combination works really well and just adds to the enjoyment of the slot.

Bet Amounts – Betting begins in Gem Rocks at 10p per spin and can be adjusted up to the maximum of £50 per spin. In order to adjust your bet, use the plus and minus signs on either side of the coin value to the left of the screen. As you adjust the value you will see the bet amount alter, keep adjusting until you are happy with your stake.

Wild / Scatter Symbols – In Gem Rocks there are no wild or scatter symbols to be found. The feature is instead triggered by making winning combinations instead.

Gem RocksAvalanche Feature – Gem Rocks has an avalanche fall style to the symbol drop and a unique reel structure. This means that wins can be made from left to right, as long as there is a minimum of x3 matching symbols on adjacent reels. It works very simply in that once a win is formed, those symbols included will explode and be removed from the reels. New symbols will now drop down into place and if they form part of a new winning contribution, they too will then explode and remove from the reels. This will continue until no new matches are made.

Drop Down Wins Feature – Landing the winning combinations is vital to triggering the feature for players. You will notice at the left after a win the meter lights up, and there are a set number of steps between each of the three levels. To trigger the meter and in turn the bonus, you need at least x2 subsequent wins. Light your way up with consecutive wins in order to launch the monster onto the reels.  Once you trigger each level a monster rock symbol will be added to the reels and will help create bigger wins for that spin only.

  • X2 wins triggers a 2×2 monster rock landing on the reels,
  • X5 wins triggers a 3×3 monster rock landing on the reels,
  • X9 wins triggers a 4×4 monster rock landing on the reels.

Keep landing subsequent wins to creep up the meter and land yourself a bigger monster rock. Once no new wins land the round is over and the meter will go back to zero, until you trigger at least x2 subsequent wins to start it again.


Gem Rocks is actually a very enjoyable game despite its lack of features. Yggdrasil Gaming have however created a great singular feature that can be very profitable due to the addition of the avalanche style symbol drop. The animation of the monster rock as it lands is a great distraction from what could be quite a boring game. With that in mind though the wins come frequently enough to make up for the lack of extras. However, after triggering the x2 wins needed to get onto the meter to activate the monster rock, it becomes increasingly difficult to get any further. But not impossible, it just takes patience and time, so be sure to have a balance that can sustain the timeframe needed to trigger it.

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