Golden Ticket

Roll up, roll up, it’s time to enjoy all the fun of the fair in this slot, which hails from the Play N Go library. Golden Ticket is the name of the game and allowing you access to the funfair is its game, quite literally. So, join the ring master, circus clown and strong man, as you spin the reels searching for the wealth hidden within.

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Game Features

Golden Ticket isn’t your usual slot game as there are no official pay lines as such. Instead the game plays out on a 5×5 grid with an RTP of 96.73% and wins are formed by making horizontal, or vertical matches of x3 or more matching symbols.

The funfair is the backdrop to your reels, and you can see the big top in the background beckoning you to join in the fun. Your higher paying symbols are the ringmaster, clown, strongman, the ringmaster’s hat with a cane across it and the hat on its own. Lower paying symbols are the kettlebell and weight, the weight on its own and the juggling pins. As the reels spin you get a warm happy feeling from the backing track, which includes music and chatter that you would hear at a real funfair.

Bet Amounts – Betting on Golden Ticket begins at 20p per spin and can be increased up to £40 per spin. You can increase or decrease your bet using the symbol with the three lines at the bottom left of the reels. A bet screen will expand, and you will see a sliding reel which you can move to suit your needs. Once your desired bet has been reached, you can hit the back button which is a left facing arrow and then resume your game at the new amount.

Wild Symbol – Your wild is the Golden Ticket for which the game is named, and it will substitute for all other symbols and is the highest paying symbol. In this game the wild isn’t automatically played either. Instead a wild symbol can only appear after a winning combination has been formed. It will then take the place of one of the symbols forming the win and the rest of the symbols are removed.

Scatter Symbol – There is no scatter symbol in Golden Ticket which can be off putting for some. However, in this game there is much to enjoy, including a bonus game that triggers without the need for a scatter. Read on below to find out more on how that works.

Golden Ticket at royal house casinoCascade Multiplier Feature – As we mentioned above this game offers a version of the cascade drop. Normally this means that new symbols are added when any winning combination is formed and removed from the reels. But Golden Ticket operates slightly differently in that once the winning matches are made, those symbols forming it are removed from the reels entirely. The remaining symbols drop down into the spaces left behind, allowing new further matches to be made as this happens.

It means that multiple matches can be made on a single spin and for each win that is removed, the win multiplier for that particular spin will increase too. The multiplier will increase by x1 for each consecutive win formation that is made during the same spin, adding them up until all winning formations have been completed. This means if you land x4 wins on one spin you will be awarded a x4 multiplier to all four of those wins. Once no new matches can be made from the remining symbols on the screen, the cascade feature ends and the multiplier resets back to x1 ready for the next spin to begin. The reels will now refill and release the symbols on each spin as usual, until the next cascade is triggered by landing a winning combination. The cascade feature also filters in a way to triggering the bonus game which is outlined below.

Cascade Bonus Feature – Underneath the reels you will occasionally see the word BONUS in a vertical line on one or more of the reels. The number of times the BONUS appears will change on every single spin and sometimes there will be none at all. However, if you make enough winning combinations that removes the symbols uncovering the whole word, then you will immediately enter the bonus game.

You will now be taken to a new screen which houses a shooting gallery, with a whole new symbol set. The symbols here include a set of balloons, a clown, lion, star, cake, shooting target, rubber duck a hot air balloon and a drum. Your aim here is to get x5 matching symbols anywhere in view and they don’t have to be adjacent either. You will get x10 bonus spins initially in this round but if you land x5 or more big top circus tents, you will be awarded extra bonus spins. This number is between x1 to x20 each time you land the required symbols, with no limit to the number of times this can be awarded. The bonus spins round ends once all allocated spins have been played through, then you will be returned to the main game.


If you love all things circus related, then Golden Ticket is going to be right up your street. To be honest we think you will enjoy it regardless of your feelings of the circus, but that’s just our opinion. You will have to give the reels a spin for yourself to see what we mean. Wins are fast paced and spread pretty evenly across the pay table, which is always a winning combination for us. The bonus game is a little harder to trigger, due to having to uncover the whole word in basically one spin. It isn’t impossible considering the cascade feature removes symbols on each win. If you are lucky enough to have the symbols in the right place at the right time it can be done, but it does take patience. Once you get into the bonus spins on Golden Ticket it is certainly worth the wait, as wins can be formed with x5 or more matching symbols anywhere in view; not in any adjacent line. This makes your chances of winning in the bonus round a little higher.

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