Hong Kong Tower

Elk Studios has created an eye catching slot game in Hong Kong Tower, with its electrifying oriental theme against a backdrop of the city’s skyline. There are a variety of different ways to win on this game, with an option for ways to change or automate your betting strategy. Plus there’s the amazing wheels in the sky that can significantly increase any potential win. So let us at Boku Slots give you the low down on what you can look forward to.

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Game Features

Hong Kong Tower is exciting and colourful, it has 5 reels and a whopping 99 pay lines included and the RTP is an impressive 96.3%.

Bet Amounts – Betting begins at 20p total per spin and allows up to £100 total bet, so the limits are entirely up to you. However, there are a variety of betting strategies that can be applied to increase your bet amounts.

Betting Strategies – If you want to increase your betting options based on how the game is performing, you can use one of the following betting strategies;

  • Optimiser – This allows you to bet a percentage of your balance from 1% to 10% and will adapt automatically without you needing to change anything.
  • Leveller – This one will raise your bet amount by two levels after you have had five losses consecutively. It HONG KONG TOWER AT conquer casinoresets back to the lowest bet amount after a win.
  • Booster – With this one you will have your bet raised by one level after a loss, until you have reached four levels above your base bet amount; this also resets after a win.
  • Jumper – With Jumper you will have your bet amount raised by one level after each win is made. It will continue this way until you reach four levels above your base bet amount. This one resets after each loss.

Bonus – To trigger the wheels of the sky feature, you need to have at least three of the Yin Yang bonus symbols anywhere on the screen. The more bonus symbols you land, the more lives you win for the wheels of the sky. Four bonus symbols give you one extra life and five bonus symbols give you two extra lives.

Wheels of the Sky – When this feature is activated you are raised up to the top of the tower to spin the high value wheels. There are three wheels atop the tower and on entering the feature you start at the smallest wheel. If you land on an arrow you move to the next wheel and so on. The third wheel has the biggest prizes available out of the three, with the maximum prize on offer being 500x the original bet. If you land on a prize that’s already been claimed, then the bonus round will end. However if you had four or more bonus symbols, this is where the extra lives come into play.

HONG KONG TOWER AT CONQUER CASINOMystery – This is one of the most important symbols you can land on Hong Kong Tower. Not only will it activate into any other symbol much like a wild would do. It can also change into bonus symbols and trigger the wheels of the sky feature too.

Other Symbols – There are nine other symbols in play on Hong Kong Tower. Each one when matched up on a pay line brings a variety of different winnings. The minimum matched symbols needed for a win is three, with five being the maximum. Your higher paying symbols are the Lotus Flower, Tree of Life, Diamond and Lucky 7. The pay table fully explains the pay-outs of all winning symbols.

Overview of Hong Kong Tower

This is one of Elk Studios best games, it is popular with all experience levels. Whether you have played it once or a hundred times, there is no end to the excitement felt when you get to those wheels in the main feature. We love the simplistic yet fast paced nature of the game and the amazing colourful graphics just add to the fun.

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