Cash Clams

Cash Clams is a simple yet fantastic game from the geniuses over at Microgaming studios. Its design is the traditional three reels slot game, almost reminiscent of slot machines that you would find down the local pub. With an explosion of colours and a classic vibe to its graphics, we at Boku Slots reckon that this is definitely a game for retro slot fans.

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Game Features

Like most old school slot games, Cash Clams focuses its efforts on winning combinations across its single pay line; rather than convoluted features and bonuses. It has a generous RTP of 94.99%, as well as a great way of adjusting your bet amounts to suit your needs at any given time.

Bet Amounts – With Cash Clams betting is made very easy, because you have the option of playing a 1 or 2 coin game.  If you choose to bet one coin then your bet amounts are either £2 or £5 and for the two coin option your bet amounts are either £4 or £10. You can toggle between the one or two-coin option by using the blue button on the screen, adjusting your amount using the plus or minus symbol. By selecting Bet Max you are choosing to play the two coin £10 option, so take this into consideration.

CASH CLAMS AT ALL BRITISH CASINOCash Clam Symbol – The simplicity of this game is that if you have the cash clam symbol appear on the single central pay line, then you will win an amount. If all three symbols are the Cash Clams, you will win the jackpot. As the Cash Clam is also the wild symbol, if you land one or two of the clam symbols they can complete any winning symbol combination. They will also pay either a 2x or 4x your bet amount, depending on whether you land one or two clams on the pay line.

Other Symbols – You will notice at the side of the screen, the pay table shows how you can win using symbol combinations. As per traditional slot rules, most symbols need to have three showing on the pay line to win. However, you will notice that the crabs are your lowest paying symbols, but you only need to land 1 or 2 on a pay line to win either 2/4 or 3/6 times your stake amount. If you happen to land all three on the pay line, then you will win 20 times your stake amount.


Whilst primarily a basic slot game with limited functions, Cash Clams has definitely grown on us. Don’t let the single line pay out put you off, as the winning combinations can come around more often than you would think. Especially as the lower paying combinations can be claimed through the single or double crab; instead of having to have all three symbols matching. Obviously the bigger wins are in the triple symbol combinations, but if like us you are just happy to be spinning then this shouldn’t put you off at all. We love this game for its basic rules and winning combinations. But if you prefer more sophistication from your games, you may want to check out our other slot reviews.

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