Fantastic Fireworks

If you are a lover of fireworks, then you are going to enjoy this next slot. IGT have compiled the best of the best when it comes to fireworks and chucked them all together in one handy slot game. Let’s get ready to see some Fantastic Fireworks and maybe win some prizes along the way.

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Game Features

Fantastic Fireworks is a 5-reel slot operating a 5×5 grid style on the screen. It has an explosive RTP that varies between 93.25% and 96.51%. Set against a starry night backdrop the transparent reels spin away with various fireworks forming the symbols. A giant rocket sits at the right hand side of the reels and has a vital role to play in the game.

Bet Amounts – Betting begins at £20 per spin and can be increased to a massive £4,000 per spin. Amend your bet by adjusting the coin value just above the spin button. Be sure you have a high enough balance to sustain play at the higher stake levels, otherwise stick with the smaller bet amounts to begin with.

Wild Symbol – Fireworks make up your main symbols but for some reason the wild is depicted by what looks like a sun. Although some have said it is a form of Catherine Wheel, so we leave it up to you to decide on that one. It will substitute for all other symbols except the bonus.

Bonus Symbol – Fantastic Fireworks bonus symbol is a cartoon style rocket with sparklers attached. To the left of the reels is a rocket meter, and every time a rocket bonus symbol lands a segment of the meter will fill up. Once you fill the rocket meter you will trigger one of the two feature games which you will read about below.

Special Features – Within Fantastic Fireworks if you create a combination of symbols you will be allocated special extras. Which will help remove symbols from the reels and create bigger wins for you.

  • Boom – land four matching symbols to create the boom feature. It will explode all adjacent symbols,
  • CrissCross – create two intersecting lines of matching symbols to trigger the CrissCross feature. It will explode all the symbols on the row and column that the crisscross had formed,
  • Super – land five matching symbols to trigger the super feature. It will explode all instances of the most common symbol that are currently on the reels.

Fantastic Fireworks at slingoThe special features work in a different way than you would be used to. They are formed on one spin, then stay in place until the next spin when they can be triggered.

Rocket Bonus Feature – During the game you will see your rocket bonus fill up thanks to the sparkler bonus symbols. Once it has filled you will be allocated one of two special bonuses:

  • Bonus Spins – you will be allocated with 8 spins to play through, however, for every 10 sparkler symbols you collect during the round an extra 4 spins will be added. As luck would have it during this round, the sparkler symbols happen more often meaning the likelihood of landing them is increased.
  • Cannon Bonus – IGT decided that one potential bonus game wasn’t enough so as well as the spins round they added a pick ‘em game too. You will be given a choice of cannons on screen, select the three you want to play, and they will reveal what’s inside. There are cash sums and chances to pick again all to play for, so choose wisely.



With its bright graphics, intriguing slots and avalanche style of play, Fantastic Fireworks is certainly an innovative slot game that’s for sure! Whether you take to it or not, we are sure you will appreciate all that IGT has put into the design and gameplay. Getting your head around the special symbol combinations can be a bit much, but once you know what they are all about you will begin to recognise the formations straight away. The only downfall of the game is the extremely high stake amounts. Whilst we enjoyed the game, we felt it would have a higher play level if it was more in reach of most people’s pockets. That being said once in play those wins happen fast and often, so after a few spins you could well see a reason for sticking it out.

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