Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours

Fortune favours the bold, or at least that’s what they say but in our case fortune favours all who step inside this Barcrest slot! Enter the lush green setting of Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours and see if your fortune is just the other side of the spin button?

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Game Features

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours is a 5-reel, 10 fixed pay line slot. It offers players a variable RTP of 94% to 97.75% and this is in part due to the Big Bet options available, as well as the main game. We are transported to the emerald isle in this game and the reels spin across a green meadow background with mountains and rainbows off in the distance. Every so often you will see our cheeky leprechaun bobbing his head into view from the left-hand side; it’s a cute animation but of no importance to game play. As the reels spin there is a distinctly Irish sounding jig playing along in the background, which adds to the atmosphere and makes it very enjoyable to play. Symbols include the Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours logo, a rainbow, a harp and a toadstool as your higher values. With the A, K, Q, J and 10 making up your lower value symbols.

Bet Amounts – Betting on Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours begins at 10p per spin and can be adjusted up to £500 per spin if you wish. You will see the bet amount to the side of the spin button. By using the plus and minus signs on either side, you will be able to adjust your bet until you are happy.

Wild Symbol – A gold coin with the word wild emblazoned across it in red is of course your wild symbol. It only appears in the Big Bet option games and it will substitute for all other symbols except the fairy bonus.

Bonus Symbol – Your bonus symbol on Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours is a magical fairy and she will be activated in both the main game and the Big Bet options. She brings with her a sprinkle of fairy dust but alas no bonus spins round, don’t let that get you down though because she brings something much more interesting!

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours Big Bet Options – Barcrest offer different variations of the Big Bet across a wide choice of their games including Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours. In this game you can click on the BB symbol to be taken to the Big Bet choices of which there are 5 to pick from:

  • 1ST Big Bet – £10 stake and offers the magic fairy bonus symbol activated on all spins,
  • 2nd Big Bet – £20 stake and offers the magic fairy bonus activated, but when she lands on one set of reels she will then transfer to the same position on each consequent set of reels,
  • 3rd Big Bet – £30 stake and offers the magic fairy bonus activated, she will transfer to each set of reels and the wild symbol is now activated too,
  • 4th Big Bet – £40 stake and offers the magic fairy bonus and wild symbols activated, both symbols will transfer to each set of consequent reels after landing,
  • 5th Big Bet – £50 stake and offers the magic fairy bonus and wild symbol activated, both symbols transferring to each set of reels after landing and the Q, J and 10 symbols are removed from the reels as well.

Once you have decided which Big Bet option you want to play, you will be taken to a new screen. Here you will see four sets of reels and you will get one single spin on each set, no matter which Big Bet option you chose. Your reels will start with the upper left set, then upper right, down to lower left and finally ending on the lower right set. If you land a magic fairy symbol or a wild symbol on reel set 1, 2 or 3, it will first contribute to any wins on the reels it has landed. But it will then travel across to the next consecutive reel and contribute to any winning combinations available. Not only that but as landing one or more of the fairy symbols triggers the fairy bonus feature, this will also be activated when the fairy symbol moves from one reel to the next. This will only happen though if you have chosen big bet options of £20, £30, £40 or £50.

Fairy Bonus Feature – As you will have read above, the fairy bonus symbol can land anywhere on the reels in both the main game and the Big Bet options. This is a great chance for you to complete bigger wins because our lucky little fairy has the power to transform! Meaning when she lands, whether there is one or more of her, she will magically transform randomly into any of the other symbols on the reels. If there are multiple fairy symbols on the reels at the end of the spin, they will all transform into the same random symbol too.


Whilst Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours isn’t the most complex game we have come across, it plays very well considering. The only downside is that there is only one small feature and that can be quite long winded in trying to land. If you want to bypass the wait and use the big bet options to guarantee the fairy symbol landing, then that is up to you. But we would advise not spending much time in there as although you are given certain extras for the instant bet amount, they don’t always play out in your favour. Meaning you could be betting £50 for four spins, but you may not win more than your £50 back! That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but just be aware you don’t get caught up in the pizazz of the added extras. All in all, Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours is a nice distraction for a little while but not somewhere we would want to stay and play.

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