Rocket Men

Have you ever wanted to see President Trump and Kim Jong-Un battle it out cartoon style? Well then Boku Slots has got just the thing for you from Red Tiger Gaming. They have capitalised on the ongoing dispute between the two superpowers, resulting in Rocket Men! A cartoon style game where you will see both world leaders fight it out to be the supreme ruler. Is it in bad taste, or is it just good old honest fun? Play along with us and see for yourselves!

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Game Features

Rocket Men is a 5-reel slot, offering 20 fixed pay lines and an Armageddon worthy RTP of 95.24%, for players that want to get involved. Notice the battlements to either side of the screen, because on the left-hand side is President Trumps HQ and on the right-hand side is Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un’s HQ. It is from here they will launch their missiles amongst other things, including burgers and bricks!

Bet Amounts – Betting begins at 20p per spin in Rocket Men and can be increased to £50 maximum stake. Amend your bet amount by adjusting the arrows to the left-hand corner, until you reach your desired amount.

Wild Symbol – Nuclear bombs make up your wild symbol, one red and one blue. This double warhead will substitute for all others, except for the Don and Kim bonus symbols.

Donald Versus Kim Feature – Land a Donald Trump on reel one and a Kim Jong-Un on reel 5 and they will begin to battle each other. Items will be thrown from each respective camp until one side is defeated or there is a draw. Depending on who wins or if it is a draw, will determine which of the next mini games will take place:

  • Boom Time – this begins if Kim wins the battle and its time to start sending out some bombs. Choose the rockets for Kim to send and receive a prize for each one. The round ends when one of the chosen bomb’s lands in the sea.
  • Party Time – this begins if Donald wins the battle and in the spirit of fun, its time to choose some girls! Each girl you select will award a prize win but beware as two of those girls have a collect sign on and that will end the round.
  • Nuclear Spins – this begins when it is a draw between the two leaders and where it gets personal in Rocket Men. However, it also proves fruitful for you as you are now awarded unlimited spins, until one of the leaders is wiped out! As the reels spin, Donald and Kim will launch wild missiles onto the reels. With each spin the missile will move across one reel, Kim Jong-Un’s will move from right to left and President Trumps will move from left to right. If the missiles meet in the middle they will explode after any winning combinations have been completed. Each leader has three lives above their respective battlements, each missile that lands removes a life. Once all three lives have been taken off either Donald or Kim, then the round is over. While all this is going on the reels are spinning constantly and those wild missiles are also helping to create winning combinations for you, as they move across the reels!

Rocket Men at boyle casinoDon’s Driving Range Feature – Again for this to trigger you need to land Donald Trump anywhere on reel 1. President Trump will then whip out his golf clubs and use the reels as a golfing range. As he knocks symbols out of the way new ones will replace them and in turn complete new winning combinations. This will only trigger when Donald appears alone on reel one unlike the other games when Kim is needed on reel 5.

Kim’s Little Game Feature – As you would expect with this feature you need to land Kim Jong-Un anywhere on reel 5. Kim will then step out onto his battlement and press his missile launch button numerous times. As he does this missile will launch onto the reels and become wild symbols, potentially completing more winning combinations for you. As with the other feature it will only trigger when Kim Jong-Un appears alone on reel 5, unlike the main bonus when Donald is needed on reel 1.


Wow, when we saw this game pop up we had no idea whether it would play well or bomb out completely! Luckily for us it was actually lots of fun, though we are sure there are a lot of people that probably won’t see the fun aspect of the game. Very rarely do game designers get involved in the world of politics, but whatever your inclination you have to agree this game is well designed. The bonuses are hilarious and actually the wins come fast and quick too, even the background music was entertaining, and we don’t often find that with online slots. It’s a definite vote yes for us to keep Rocket Men around, although the poking fun side may wear thin after a while.

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