Elk Studios has created a game for birthday loving people everywhere, so it’s a celebration every day. Step inside the club and check out Birthday with us, and whilst we’re there we may as well see what features are available.

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Game Features

Birthday is a 5-reel slot, offering 178 pay lines and an RTP of 96.3%, all wrapped up in a bow for you lucky players. Set against the backdrop of a nightclub and with a bull for a bartender, what’s not to love. The theme tune playing away is quirky at first, but just like the happy birthday song it gets a bit much after a while.

Bet Amounts – Betting begins at 10p and can be increased to a maximum of £50 at the base level. However, there is something called betting strategies within this game that you need to be aware of, as these can dramatically change your bets and your wins.

Betting Strategies – When you click the coin icon to amend your bet, you will notice there are lots of other options to play with. We have simplified them for you here:

  • Optimiser – this option means your bet amount will automatically change, dependent upon the amount you have in your balance. Your bet can be changed from 1%, 2%, 5% to 10% of your balance funds, so be wary choosing this option.
  • Jumper -this option will raise your bet amount by one step after every win is made. It will do this until you reach four levels above your base bet amount and will reset after each loss is made.
  • Leveller – this option will raise your bet by two steps after you have 5 consecutive losses, this will reset after a win is made.
  • Booster – this option will raise your bet by one step after a loss until it reaches four steps above your base bet. It will reset after a win is made.

Check out the betting strategies information for further details and to look at the increases made with each option, dependent upon the bet amount you have chosen by checking the tables.

Birthday at vegas paradise casinoWild Symbol – Cake is always a birthday staple, but here in a game that is all about Birthdays the cake is your wild symbol too. It will substitute for all other symbols within the game to help form more winning combinations.

Happy Spins Feature – Triggered randomly this feature is actually a Birthday surprise and can randomly award any of the following mini games for players. A doorbell will ring and whichever one of the guests is there, this is the game that will launch:

  • Five of a kind – Mr Lake the moose, he will give the reels a spin until you land five of a kind combinations, which will end the feature and return you to the main game,
  • Big win – Anne Bonney awards you bonus spins until you land a win that is x20 your stake amount, aka a big win. Once you land this win you will be returned to the main game,
  • Three to Five wins – Mr Camel gives the reels a spin until you land one of 3, 4 or 5 guaranteed wins. The amount of wins you are awarded is randomly decided, but you are guaranteed 3, 4 or 5 wins. You will then be returned to the main game,
  • Matador Respins – the matador will pick a symbol at random, the reels will then spin until you land a winning combination that includes that symbol. This will end the feature and return you to the main game,
  • Electrified – Electric Sam will pick a symbol at random, the reels will spin, and the chosen symbol will freeze in place. Once there is a spin where none of Electric Sam’s chosen symbols land, the game is over. The wins are then calculated, and you are returned to the main game.

Wild Features – Elk Studios loves to give lots of twists to its games and Birthday is no different. It has two extra wild features that randomly trigger, either in the base game or in the feature:

  • Walking Wild – triggering at any point you will receive three wilds onto the reels at random. As the reels spin they will move to the left one step until the wilds walk off the reels and the respins will end,
  • Sticky Wild – triggering only in happy spins or bonus spins, you will receive three more wilds here that will become sticky. This means that they will remain in place on the reels where they landed until the happy spins or bonus spins feature is over.

Bonus Spins Feature – Again randomly triggered as there is no scatter symbol in Birthday, but if you see the pink girl named Maggie, you are in for a treat. 10 bonus spins will be allocated to you, and these can be retriggered as well. Not only that but the Happy Spins feature can be activated during the bonus spins, so you will be taken to your mini game and then returned to your bonus at the end.


Birthday is an absolute plethora of surprises for you and our heads are spinning from it all, its definitely not the cocktails we promise! Despite the distinct lack of scatter symbols and actual bonus symbols to activate all this craziness, we found it didn’t actually matter. The features and mini games triggered often enough for it not to be a huge issue overall, and every so often a drop down box appeared announcing the birthday of a celebrity or important figures from our past, which was fun. The soundtrack was a bit meh after a while, but all in all that is the only negative we could find. So, if its your birthday or your mum’s neighbour’s cat, get yourself a celebratory drink and play away.

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